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TAKE MY PICTURE: The art and offense of fashion week peacocking

Image by Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

Ladies and skirt-clad gentlemen;

Just say no to strutting around outside Fashion Week venues wearing ridiculous crap so that people (know you want them to) take pictures of you. Or say yes, I don’t care.

It would probably be a good idea for you to watch this new mini-doc by Garage Magazine  exploring “the rise of ‘peacocking’ street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs” before you decide to go full-out these guys though (I don’t even know them and I hate them.)

As some fashiony person says in this most blogworthy of videos by Garage Magazine, “I feel that anyone who dresses with the intention to get photographed will NOT get photographed by the right people”

That video was even jucier than I expected it to be (but not quite so juicy as the kerfuffle-causing “The Circus of Fashion” article penned by Suzy Menkes a few weeks ago.)

“HA!… ha HA!.. SO TRUE!… HA!” I found myself saying throughout the course of this 9-minute-long video; though I’m sure a large part of that is due to jealously. The only people who take pictures of me on the street during fashion week are pantsless men in white minivans who think I’m actually a Japanese schoolgirl.

For real though homies, posing on rocks all nonchalantly in an waiting for people to take pictures of you just seems so LAME AND OBNOXIOUS. As obnoxious as seeing people doing that in a video on the internet and then going home to blog about it. UGH.

Like, look at Anna Dello Russo at minute 4:05. LOOK AT HOW STUPID THAT IS!

If the incredibly rich and powerful editor-at-large of Vogue Japan can barely get away with it, you’d better bet your bottom loonie that neither can some aspiring RP T-Lister from Thornhill.

I’m not trying to diss street style OR narcissism — I’m clearly all about both of those things. I simply hate humourless douchebaggery, and despite the fact that I’m neither old, new or future guard, I can relate to alot of what these OG fashion insiders are saying.

The way they speak so longingly about the good old days before everybody and their iPhone could play fashion editor… the disdain they show for the blogger-n00bs who’ve invaded THEIR space, crowding it, changing it, soiling it with cheap uninitiated, unearned nonesense… that’s exactly how a lot of us OG internet people feel about the web lately.

Our world has been infiltrated. It’s no longer a precious space. Things have changed. C’est La Vie?

Do yourself a favour and read THIS piece by Zan McQuade for The Daily Dot. It’s smart and true:

Anyhoo, I’ve got to go to bed because Toronto’s (pre / rogue / off-site) fashion shOws kick off tomorrow and I need to wake up early to prepare a dope outfit. I’m thinking of copying the outfit at the top of this post to a T, pretty much, so nobody else wear it okay?

P.S. Earl Sweatshirt, WHOA:


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Robster Gets His Lobster: A Victory for Internet Kind

Good afternoon, homies!

LOOK! A ROBSTER! (Please, before you accuse me of acting racist, read on…)

At approximately I-Have-No-Idea O’clock on February 22, 2012, Mr. Robert Mills of Redding California posted a complaint on Red Lobster’s Facebook page about the lack of free birthday dinners he had received from said fine seafood / delishcuits establishment.

You see, Robert Mills is not a man of great means. Some (him) might even go so far as to say that the expired egg truck driver (I’m assuming that’s what he does?) is POOR. SO POOR.

All Mills wanted to do for his 56th birthday was eat some free lobstah without killing anybody first (Don’t do it, Bobby! We hear that death row serves a terribly briny last meal platter!).

Oh that's not even FUNNY... too far, too far...

Fortunately for Rob and hitch hiking prostitutes everywhere, the Internet took up his case against Red Lobster. And guess what?


While many of the web’s finest Tweeted and wrote on Red Lobster’s Facebook wall in support of the movement, the credit for this victory should fall square on the sexy shoulders of Matt Stopera from Buzzfeed, and then trickle on down to thewhitesade for tipping him off in the first place (so, not SUPER squarely I guess…)

Graphic by Skip

Merely 3 hours after Buzzfeed unleashed their army of loyal readers upon Red Lobster’s social media properties, the company replied with this:

And we, the Internet people FREAKED OUT with joy. Or maybe it was just me? I don’t know, but I’m chuffed that Red Lobster retweeted me:


Standing Crabwalk break:

Feb 21, 2012 | Source:

Back to the story.

Robert Mills eventually logged onto The Facebooks again and I’m assuming he saw the melee because he made a statement:

A few of the cats at work were wondering if maybe, just maybe, this was all a setup. A truly brilliant marketing campaign produced by Buzzfeed for the lobstahkings. It was certainly effective… but I’d like to think it was organic and pure. Otherwise, I’d feel a bit had. Buzzfeed has a very, very special place in my heart and my bookmarks. As in I don’t even have it bookmarked because it’s automatically the first thing I look at every minute.

I LOVE YOU, Buzzfeed Tweeter. *creepy whisper* I love you…

Something about the Old Mill is inherently creepy in a beautiful way

That’s me. Come find me here at the Old Mill and we’ll hang out, okay?

PS: Gizmodo did some digging and it turns out that our boy Rob is actually a convicted felon. Oops! Hehe. Oh well. Victory, all the same :)

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“Meme” doesn’t sound like “shame”, but asking me what that word means before Googling it SHOULD.

This is where I’m going to redirect everybody who asks me what a meme is from now on.

Those of you who continue to ask me where I get the “memes” for my SMS messages and forum posts will simply be shunned if not executed.


And I wonder why I don’t have friends.

Here you go, dearest homies – Memes explained in one image by Buzzfeed:

Okay, that was three images because my server was all like “BAH TOO BIG! YOU IDJEEYUT!”


I should also note that the word itself rhymes with “cream”, not “dame” and certainly not “Shanaynay”. Also, this timeline is pretty cool.

That is all.

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