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Interview: That time I stole Scumbag Steve’s hat

I wonder if the person who ripped Blake Boston’s picture from Myspace and turned him into an internet meme had any idea that the dude under the iconic hat was actually, legitimately, a hilarious character.

Surely they must by now. Scumbag Steve is one of the most ubiquitous image macros of our time! And while he may have hated it at first, being a meme seems to be working out well for Boston.

See:, this, and the rap video below that’s scored more than 2 million hits in just 13 days

I hate to break it to y’all, but the real Scumbag Steve is actually a nice guy. He’s Cool, funny, polite… Not a scumbag at all.

Everybody at ROFLcon was loving him, myself included. THAT ACCENT kills me. SCAHF!

Don’t be disillusioned though, kittens. Scumbag Steve is about so much more than one photograph of one guy! The face of the meme may be Blake’s, but the humour stems from what we think about the scumbags in our own lives.

BWAHAHAH! I did that, man. I did that.

Annnnd blogging of comedic YouTube rap videos, I’ve been meaning to post this Krispy Kreme video for a few weeks now. I may have included it in a linklist already, but whatever. It’s good enough to blog twice.

The YouTube comments on that one are golden. Aren’t they always? Here’s a gem I got on an old video today:


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All of teh memes, dance dance dance: ROFLcon wrap party

This… is exactly what it looks like: Antoine Dodson, Chuck Testa, Scumbag Steve, Double Rainbow Guy, Copper Cab and a few more accidental internet celebrities dancing on stage at a bar in Cambridge, Mass.

It’s been real, ROFLcon. F’real.

My full interview videos will be up this week, but for now you can sees some of the clips I processed last night on How has the internet changed YOUR life?

Fantastic coverage from this weekend continues to roll out across the web. My Google alert on ROFLcon is pinging with something new almost every minute! Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

ROFLcon: What the internet talks about offline, by Christine Erickson for Mashable
Where Does Web Culture Go From Here? by Brian Raferty for (also, this)
20 People You’ll Only Meet At ROFLcon, by Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopolous
All of Russ Martin’s ROFLcon coverage for
Could Technology Tame the Internet Meme? by Mike Orcutt
Jonathan Zittrain Takes the Stage at ROFLCon, MediaShift’s J. Nathan Matias
Why Memes matter, or ‘What I learned at ROFLcon’ by Barb Darrow, GigaOm
OMFG It’s ROFLCon Time Again , by Derek Mead, Motherboard.
10 things I learned from Day 1 at ROFLcon, by Dave Eisenberg for BostInno
All of the memes… by Lauren Metter, Dig Boston
State of the Web Union: Supercuts, Lulz and Fanfic at ROFLcon III,
The Three-Point Landing Supercut to End All Three-Point Landing Supercuts (Premiered at ROFLcon III, BOOYAH):

So good.

But alas, it’s time to get me back to Canada now… By car. THE HUMANITY!

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