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Be still my nerdly, gangster heart – This. Fokking. Exists…. (And it’s got the swag, and it’s pumping out of its ovaries…)”

Last week, I interviewed Beth Maher for Pink Mafia’s blog. Homegirl is the artist / writer / designer behind that wicked NESesque Kreayshawn game that’s been blowing up our Internets for the past month (play it above if you know what’s good for your SOUL.).

She’s also a cat-loving feminist gamer girl from Toronto who loves Tumblr and Flickr. yes… The legion grows.

Read our ridiculously long Q&A here:

I still heart Kreayshawn hard. Like Beth, I don’t think she’ll fade away just quite yet. Something’s there. She’s a shining example of generation Youtube coming correct and I sincerely wish that I could be part of a crew like hers andcV-Nasty‘s.

Something tells me I’m a little too soft. A little too safe.

Remember that?

I’ll continue watching the White Girl Mob from my nerd-perch up here in Canada. You guys are cool, GLAVIN! I love Kreayshawn’s new website (and browser update alert, bwahaha):

My weekend was aight. I worked all day today and last night too. Sleep when dead, yadda yadda. Not complaining. This is the life I choose right now because this is the stuff I love. Fokk a Sunday.

Last night was fun at least. I covered a giant game of Capture the Flag downtown! Video will be along on vitaminwatercanada‘s youtube channel vurry soon. TEAM PINK FOKKYEAH!

Friday night was also fun. I had some folks over and we all went to an 11/11/11 party that was way too dark for iPhone photos. Wasn’t much in the mood to snap, anyhoo. I took these beforehand.

Later, the boys and I hopped some really tall fences (short cut!). Big ups to friends who will hold your 6 inch platforms while you climb and place them back under you to avoid dirty feet. So glad I decided on jeans that night.

Simpsons time! I need to get off the computer and give the television my full, undivided attention now. Must get some LOLlage in before that stupid Allen Gregory show comes on. Ugh. #BringBackBobsBurgers

Here’s one more photo of my face looking like somebody who feels pretty dang sneezy this fine balmy evening. What’s UP with this? Everybody I know has been sick for like, 2 months now. Make up your mind, weather. Our immune systems can’t take much more of your waffling. Just stay warm maybe. That’d be cool.

I think I’m going to start writing about what I feel again someday soon. I miss that. Maybe I’ll have to do it on a secret blog. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to sort my head out.

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