That would be “Oh My Now” – as in, this is so 2010 (and BEYOND) that it makes me want to cry Truvia-sweetened tears into an issue of Vice Magazine while listening to Dubstep at a Fundraiser Tweetup for a DIY community bicycle collective that won’t fix your bike, but will show you how to fix it yourself.

That’s not to say I don’t love it, of course.

In case you missed it, On Sunday night one iconic politically-inclined graffiti artist teamed up with one iconic long-running animated television series to produce what Gizmodo is calling “the most acidic, in-your-face title scene ever seen on TV“.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it acidic, but darned if that word doesn’t sound sharp in a sentence.

Apparently, Banksy is the first artist ever to direct and storyboard a Simpsons intro, and according to BBC some 20th Century Foxers weren’t particularly pleased with what he came up with (malnourished child labourers putting kittens through wood chippers to stuff Bart Simpson dolls… no bigs).

How the heck Groening and co. tracked down the elusive faceless artist (who recently tagged the heck out of this here city, as you may recall), nobody knows.

Maybe Banksy came to FOX? We already know he’s familiar with the show…

However it went down, it did go down.  And it’s still  making waves like whoa two days after the episode aired.

I would have blogged about this earlier had I not been sidetracked by Thanksgiving family fun. You see, sometimes the blog’s got to sit on the back burner… much like the delicious meal I didn’t help my mom make because I was too busy vigorously cleansing my skin after catching snakes and frogs with my brother.

You will see a video of that adventure soon, but for now you can watch this:

My Thoughts: Smart, edgy, funny in an ironic and classically Simpsonesque way.

The subtext is dark and all too genuine, I’m sure – but the actual elements of the animated sequence are too ridiculous to be taken at face value (nobody can say that Banksy is actually accusing sweat shop manufacturers of using dead dolphin heads to seal envelopes).

That said, it does push boundaries – without being blatantly offensive, racist or gross.

I can think of a few other Sunday night cartoon producers who should take note. (Okay, only one. He just happens to produce more than one Sunday night cartoon. Okay, only one – he just repackages it three times, adjusts the hue on Rupert Murdoch’s TV while they’re lying in bed and says “Seee baby? It’s not the same show! The characters are different colours! Oooh and look – this one has an alien! Seeeee?



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