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SXSW Continued + Pi Day 2012

Blogggggg, is it weird that I miss you?

I’ve been so incredibly busy here in Austin that I’ve barely had time to text message my own motha, let alone write something substantial that I can be proud of — and y’all know I only post things to my blog that I can be proud of…

My goal of making a video for every day of SXSW was valiantly obliterated on day 3 of this trip, when I finally healed up enough to dive into the swing of things.

See Tweets for details.




To paraphrase Jesse Spanno, “THERE’S NO TIME! NO TIME, ZACH! NO TIME! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh”

Kate had the right idea. Don't take the bracelets off until the very end. Arm party!

Sure, I could probably have spent more time writing and editing videos during this trip, but hey – I’m on VACATION.

Truly, I am.

I’ve got hours of video footage from SXSW on my camera and will definitely do something with it when I return home, but it’s been nice over the past week to just kind of take it all in.

Video: @RichAucoin at #SXSW. It just hit me now that he does the @Picnicface theme song.

Mar 14, 2012 | Source:

The music portion of SXSW has been intensely fun — and I’m not just using that adjective because it sounds nice.

Imagine taking an entire year’s worth of concerts / smiles from cute boys and compressing it down into one hour. Multiply that by 24, every day. Intense.


The interactive conference, however, is where the heart of this trip lies.

I hit so many educational / career-related panels, but a lot of random eye opening sessions too.


I was actually pretty blown away by some of the cool / funny / freaky things I saw. Creeped out, too.

Bina48 the robot panelist on dreaming. #sxsw #ai

Mar 12, 2012 | Source:

When I get home, I’m going to break down my favourite bands and sessions – Misuse the Internet and Make People Love You will be up there as far as panels go — and as for bands, sheet… I really have to think about that. There were so many great ones.

My street style shots (yeah, I did that) and “what I wore” roundups are also on the way. I’m actually looking forward to writing those ones.


I snapped BOKILLIONS of fly young folks and even had my photo taken a few times back!

More on that later though…. I’ve got a 26 hour drive popping off in 2 hours and should probably sleep a bit ehhhhhh?

Happy Pi Day :)

I'll sell you my pumpkin pi for $3.14

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Swagger on a hundred, thousand, dozen… Polaris Prize Pierogies too.

right image via cbcradio3

Last year around this time, merely a few months into my fancy new life as somebody who doesn’t have to photocopy textbooks from her university’s library so that she can spend her OSAP on designer boots, I discovered the world of Gifting Lounges (swag suites, present lairs, Christmas-come-early — call it what you will)…

You can read the rest of that post here.

Big ups to EGPR’s Essentials Lounge, rock-it promo’s Tastemakers Lounge and the folks from RealTV Films for inviting me into your sweet suites. (HECK YEAH HOMONYMS!)

Moving onto things that AREN’T related to the TIFF (because I am simply sick to death of that film festival right now), The Polaris Prize was awarded last night to none other than Arcade Fire! Maybe you’ve heard of them?

I was psyched to hit last night’s gala at The Masonic Temple. All of the sets performed by short list nominees were great (obvs – they were nominated for a reason) but a few, like Galaxie‘s and Timber Timbre‘s stood out to me.

Austra actually blew me away. The driving beat in this song played LIVE in a venue with acoustics like that had me right entranced, Hamm jammin‘ at the back of that auditorium like a bass-eating zombie.

It’s important for my memory to note that they were serving Pierogies at the Polaris Prize Pala Gala.

Coincidence that both Toronto’s Polish AND Ukrainian festivals wrapped just one day earlier? Meeeeebe. Mebbe not. Either way, I’m smiling. Sweet boiled dumpling goodne s, three days in a row!

Life. She is good, my friends.

Thought of the day:
Why is it considered cruel to laugh at the misfortunes of others? When I suffer from misfortunes (and this is often, I assure you) it makes me feel better to know that at least somebody is getting pleasure out of the situation. Lulz, you know?

That is all. Early morning ahead. Bon nuit!

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NxNE, Social Scratch, Party Party Party and my new fox tail…

You know what feels worse than having your iPhone die at 6:48 p.m. when you’ve got a full night of party hopping ahead? Being stuck in downtown Teeyoh traffic, knowing that your dinner date is furiously texting a dead iPhone to find out where the heck your road-raging ass be at. And also being attacked by locusts, I presume.

Today was a doozy, but a great one indeed.

First off, I went to work and found out that Antoine Dodson got a new weave. Woah.

Then I actually worked for a little bit before high-tailing it to the NxNe Interactive conference for some panelization. The hashtag for “The Black Hole of Facebook” was “#Facehole“, which started trending shortly after the session started.

This made me happy, but not nearly as happy as the word “Facehole” does in general. Big ups to Lee for that gem.

(Thanks for taking that photo, Rannie!)

The house, as they say, was full.

It flew by faster than you can say “engage authentically” 10 times fast (I think I might have actually done that) but it was super fun and I felt incredibly honoured to be up on that stage next to Lee, Aikta and Sean. Big-time talent. Thanks for having me!

So stoked on post-panel accolades was I, (ego is one hell of a drug) that on the way back to the office a little celebratory gift was purchased. If it had been a bad day, I would have deemed this a “pick-me-up” present. Anything to avoid acknowledging my impulsive buys as what they really are. What a tangled web of emotions and spending I weave…

DO YOU LOVE IT? I do = so much that I bought two! I saw these fox tails in the window of a local furrier and I just couldn’t resist. Now my purse has a tail, and the PETArds who hover around Heritage Court during fashion week can guilt trip me even harder.

Whatever. At least I don’t EAT the dang things.

After work, I went to The Verge (XM)’s Rooftop Party across from Sugar Beach. Babillions of hot boys (you know, that indie rock type) and great bands were there – Zeus was there and Leake was there and HOLLERADO was there too!

I love this band more and more all the time. They always roll with confetti and rule at music.


My phone died mid text (sorry Nate!) and then I went to The Toshiba Primer Party for a bit. It was aight.

The YYZ Living Summer Issue Launch Party after that was swank as hello operator, please give me number nine. I loved it.

My camera battery was ALSO dead by that point so I nabbed narry a photo, but plenty of people were around snapping the YYZ party. It was the best party of the night for sure. I’ll post photos later if they come my way.

Annnnd last but not least, you might see me in a wee video around NXNE this week if you’re hitting up the Interactive conference or film festival at all. I’ve been getting mad Tweets about it already! So fun!

The spot is about digital influence and it’s produced by Social Scratch. I don’t know why I look so angry… I wasn’t angry. Just pensive. Regardez:

That’s it that’s all! It’s way late for a girl who needs to be up to get ready for work in a few hours. That’s what I miss more than anything about university… the lack of Friday morning classes. Sigh. I guess that’s growing up…

At least I’m not being swarmed by locusts?

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