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Ballerina Rocket Man: Love Lies Bleeding in Toronto

I never thought I’d live to see flame-shooting ballerinas on rollerblades take to the stage for a major ballet company — a major Canadian ballet company, at that.

Frick, if I’d known at 16 that this was even possible, I probably would have sucked up the pain and broke in my new toe shoes.

Instead, I quit ballet and started dancing hip hop, sufficiently crushing all future hopes of rollerblading across the Sony Centre stage dressed as a nun in front of Elton John’s husband’s parents. *le sigh*

Last night, I attended the Toronto premiere of Alberta Ballet’s Love Lies Bleeding, and it was grand.

This morning, I attended a long meeting after rollerblading to work with Elton John’s “Rocket Man” stuck in my head. Not so grand (especially that part where I tripped over a train track. ow.)

The resultant meeting-doodles were nothing short of cosmic – as in derpina goes to space. Spacey. This one is my favourite:

This post is not about… my silly sketches though… You know I read it in a magazee-heeen, Ohhh … B-B-B-Ballet and the SKETCH!

Uh… yeah. This post is about what inspired said sketches, and that one is most definitely inspired by the trippy Rocket Man scene in Jean Grand-Maître’s jukebox ballet (set to the music of Sir Elton John and his long-time songwriting partners Bernie Taupin.)

Astro boy chicks in space-blue toe shoes, assited airborne worm rolls, rollerblades and PYROTECHNICS fookyeah. I dug that part quite a bit, but my favourite dance was at the very beginning. B-B-B-B-Latex and the Butts:

Big ups to Xtra Online for that video. Such a classic jam.

The show was at times a bit… gimmicky, but I did find this (sort of but not really a) ballet entertaining as hell. The costume design was excellent, the multimedia set pieces were wicked and the choreography was pretty tight for the most part (said the non-dancer).

31-year-old Yukichi Hattori blew the rest of the company away by leaps and bounds (literally) as the male lead. Jaw-droppingly strong, that guy. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

I felt a little bit underdressed at first next to all of the pretty drag queens…

But my homies here seemed to like the skirt:


Love Lies Bleeding is only in Toronto until the 12th, so snap some tickets up ASAP, homes – you won’t regret it.

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The Lady Truckers…

Well, here it is folks – available for your downloading and streaming pleasure (big ups to my Tweeps for turning me on to soundcloud, btw. Very cool.)

The Lady Truckers – A radio documentary by Lauren O’Neil by laurenoneil

I’ve spent many, many hours working on this piece. Too many to count.

Wait – that’s a lie. I could probably count the hours if I had been making a concious effort to keep track of them over the course of this semester.

Gosh, between research, sound mixing, script writing, interviews, driving back and forth to Guelph, running around truck stops, getting chased out of truck stops, and the hours and hours spent I spent locked up in the editing room… it must have been at least a hundretty jillion hours. That sounds about right.

But I digress.

Today was a very big day at J-School: the 2010 Canned Festival!

Students in the broadcast streams of the MAJ program got to show off our term projects to faculty, peers, and all of the random librarians and FIMS people who intermittently stopped by to bask in our awesomeness – if only for a moment.

It was a time to make our “swan songs”, as one professor put it.

I thought that this was a lovely sentiment until I got home and googled “swan song“, at which point I became very, very sad.


I would love to stay and blog it up real hard for a while, but I’ve got to finish a paper and then wake up hecka early.

Too many blogworthy life happenings going on for me to have time to blog about them. What a paradox.

Follow my Tweetfeed if you’d like the real time play-by-play. You know how I am, what with the “blah blah blah” and the “tweet tweet tweet”…

Big day tomorrow. Night night.


Anna Pavlova.

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