I hope you’re not in the middle of something important right now, because you can pretty much kiss the next 4 hours of your life away.

The Rap Board is a massive soundboard filled with clickable rapper heads. Click on a rapper’s head, hear one of the rapper’s sound-bytes.

Simple. Genius. And I am sooo doing something with it. Something more than all of the prank calls I made to Sean as Drake, that is. He was not amused.

Rap Board not your thing? THEN GET THE HECK OUT OF MY LIFE.


No, but for real. Get out of my life. How can you not love that? If I get time, I’ll make a video about it. Jump in the queue, Lou!

While we’re on the subject of music and rap and stoofs, Meet my newest obsession of the day, straight up out of Whalley BC:

The West coast duo’s full length album drops Spring 1992. It’s called “Spice World”.

And if I didn’t love them enough already for that alone, Lanse Base is really effing good at music. I found this jam on Winnie Cooper today and used it to power my legs through one very chilleh bike ride home.

They’re obviously a good part (if not all parts) parody, but does anybody even care about that shizz anymore in a post-Antwoord musical landscape? They’re entertaining as heck and have a badass Tumblr. Respect.

In other rap related goodness, here’s a new Azealea Banks x Diplo track that’s 100% worthy of all the exclamation marks I’m about to give it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this one gets huge outside of the Internet. NSFW, btw. Salty language. Meow.

Bustin Jieber also dropped a new track this week, in which he raps a little bit about how he wants to be my Buzz Lightyear.

Hey, I’m down.

The shining son of Stratford recently posed all bloody-like for the cover of Complex Magazine and… well, it’s safe to say that I probably shouldn’t feel this way about an 18-year-old boy. Better than a 17-year-old boy I suppose… Slightly.

Now, onto the live giant penguin cam:


I just about Irish Goodbye’d this post to spend the rest of my night watching penguins and painting my fingerails, but then I remembered that I can’t ever own or be a penguin and it became torturous.

Here are some HOTLINKS:

via the sizzurp

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