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Paws Gala 2012: 99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One (ft. Theron Humphrey & Maddie)

Thursday, Thursday, THURSDAY!

Scratch that — let’s call it FURsday! *ba dum tisk* Waka Waka Waka!

When I was little I would say that line constantly, just like Fozzie Bear on the Muppet Babies after he would make a joke — except weird little Lauren would say it after everything.

“Mommy, Can I have some apple juice? WAKA WAKA!”

If I were a rapper, I’d name myself in Fozzie Bear’s honour and wear a $100,000 chain featuring his likeness around my neck erryday… IF SOMEONE HADN’T ALREADY DONE THAT!

Waka Flocka Flame:Welcome to the Goodburger, can I take your orrrrder?”
Me: “Yeah, I’d like my steez back, please.”
Waka Flocka Flame: “It was mine first, and who says ‘steeze?’ anyway?”
Me: “I don’t know… people in California circa 2007?… Whatevs. We can share this Fozzie Bear thing if you give me that chain and two veggie burgers to go.”

And then this happened:

Waka Flocka Fozzie by Raheem Nelson

Now that the obligatory “Slap my discoloured duckface onto something else’s body” and “Make fun of rappers” bits are out of the way, Let’s talk about Paws for the Cause.


Paws for the Cause is a Toronto-based organization that raises money for a different animal welfare organization every year.

On Thursday, the group hosts its annual fundraiser — The most adorable in Toronto by far, if you ask me. (And you should ask me.)

Proceeds from this year’s gala will be going to the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic’s Cares Foundation to help subsidize lifesaving surgery costs for animals in need. Funds raised will also go toward the Chloe Award, which has been presented to an outstanding University of Guelph veterinary student.

Last year’s gala raised $75,000 — that’s a whole lot of canine lives saved!

This year, the Paws Gala will feature an art exhibit with Instagram sensation Theron Humphrey of This Wild Idea and his famous dog, Maddie the Coonhound of Maddie on Things.


I’m going to ask Theron if he can balance Maddie on my head. We’ll see how that goes.

Here are the deets:

When: Thursday, October 11, 2012
No, but WHEN?: 8pm till late
Where: 99 Sudbury
How: Tickets can be purchased here. Wear something cute. It’s a fashionable people party.

See you there?


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Safe and Wet in Austin (FINALLY) + My Baby Owl Friend

I think I’m at home here, folks…

Or maybe not.

Fab or freaky (both are fine), I’m stoked to be in Austin right now after a 26 hour drive plus about 12 hours lost to border issues and one doozy of a chest cold that left me incapacitated for pretty much all of our first day here.

"My name is Lauren and I have the plague."

Getting to Austin was a battle, but a blast at times too.

Tons of friendly truck stop workers, learning experiences (Kentucky‘s got MAD CAVES — who knew?), bonding moments and mini-adventures along the way:

Dec 31, 1969 | Source:

Thank god for Kate‘s amazing playlist to keep Casie and I alert / entertained / impressed while driving. And by “God”, of course, I mean anything other than what those creepy billboards all over the side of highways down here advertising. *shudder*

You can read more about the #SX3B great American road trip on our Tumblog.

Keep your eyes peeled for a mashup of all the video footage I took along the way soon… as soon as I can find the time to stop spazzing out over shiny things and compute.

Now that I’ve (sort of) recovered from the plague, it’s go-go-gadget DO.

OH! Before I forget to blog about it, I found a baby owl during our stopover in Windsor the other night. He was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

The owl was just sitting in the middle of a sidewalk on Ouellette when I walked up. The path was otherwise deserted and we were completely alone for a while, just staring at each other. It was really moving.

I’m not sure what it meant or if it meant anything at all, but I Googled it all the same (obviously).


Yours in weirdness,

Relax Mom, They're fake.

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Video: Blogger girl steals 4 trillion puppies from the OSPCA! (+ Live and Unleashed)

Meow, meowmies!

Meow mrow meerow meow mraow mraow meow. maow meow mew mrow-wow. Meowwwwoh. Mrow meow…. MEEAHHH?

Thanks to Groundskeeper Willy for the intro to this post.

My fluffy ginger boy’s been hinting lately that he’d like to start blogging. I suspect he’s heard the rumour that cats are pretty well-respected on the web.

Unfortunately, his English is… well, it’s quite poor (Sorry man – take a high five from Frikky).

My Meowanese isn’t perfect, but I can roughly translate what Will’s written above as follows:

“Hayo Homies! Girl-hoomin made a mewvie about her recent trip to the OSCPA. There were many styoopid puppies and sexy young kittenz and nice people being adopted by new pets. Give to me now your peach yogurts?”

C’est vrai! I was invited to tour the OSCPA’s Provincial Education and Animal Centre in Newmarket a few weeks ago, and couldn’t have been more thrilled to learn about everything they do for cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, snakes, porcupines, owls, turtles and all sorts of other animals living in Ontario.

I took just short of 4 trillion photos that day and nearly as many new pets. Except I’m lying in the latter half of that sentence because who the frick am I – Paris Hilton? As if!

Alas, I was there to report — not to expand my feline family. If ever we do decide to get another cat though, I’ll know to look for a purple one.

According to this, the MYM program has resulted in a 40%-45% increase in adoptions and a 45%-50% decrease in euthanasia of adult cats at beta-test facilities across North America. That’s MAJOR!

You should take the test online, just for giggles.

Which cat type did you get? Huh?

I got to meet some really cool animals while I was up in Newmarket. The staff gave me a sweet yellow gown and some boot covers so that I could go in and play with a litter of puppies (including a blind puppy that I really DID almost apply to adopt). Then, I was introduced to Rocky the celebrity wonderpup!

Rocky’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s got a happy ending thanks to the lifesaving work of so many great, dedicated animal care workers. Watch this video. It’ll probably make you cry, but in a good way.

You can help ensure the continued success of programs and rescues like these by donating to the OSPCA directly — Orrrrrr you could attend Live and Unleashed on November the 28th at Roy Thomson Hall.

Buy tickets here! Watch Groundskeeper Willy make out with my stuffed leopard here! Watch a sloth fly here! And for the love of almonds, have your pet spayed or neutered!!!

PS – Written Kitten is gold. GOLD. Cat photos are the ultimate motivators. I shall never dread a word count again.

PPS – Startup Weekend Toronto, mayne! It’s dope. Look for my wrap post tomorrow :)

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