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Lauren goes Camping (in the Hyundai Elantra) — May 2-4 weekend, 2014



So, I went camping a few weekends ago.

Like, real camping, in a tent and stuff (as opposed to “carmping” — which means sleeping in my car at a buddy’s camp site for a night — the only type of camping I’ve ever done in the past.)


Not very, actually. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, in fact — and while I did get a few bug bites (and a water bottle whipped at my neck, bwhahaha) I emerged from the experience relatively unharmed, with some stupid fun memories.



Before I continue, I need to give maddddddd props to Hyundai for letting me take a 2014 Elantra (in Windy Sea blue!) with me to the Kawartha Lakes.

Without this car, I would have been TOAST.



Not only was it roomy enough to fit all 5 jillion pounds of my boyfriend’s camping gear (seriously though, a boy going camping is like a girl going to fashion week abroad in terms of the luggage sitch, it was super great on gas and smooth to drive as well.

When I needed a place to escape from the mosquitos and charge my phone? The Elantra was there. When I needed to run into the ickle town near our campsite to grab Redbull? The Elantra was there. When I needed to fast-break on a country road to jump out and take pictures of baby cows? The Elantra was there.

Satellite radio and rear view camera, I’ve sang your praises in the past and won’t stop now: You both effing rule.


For a car that starts at around $16,000, the Hyuandai Elantra is wicked luxe.  To get more information on the car itself, clickez ici — or better yet, go take one for a test drive. Fabulous whip if you need a lot of space without all of the gas guzzling. Now, onto the MAJORHUGE CAMPING STORIFY!!!


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SXSWag, O’Kanye Zone and the Long Road Home…

MORNING, Bro’mies!

I just finished unpacking my South by Southwest swag bags (which were comprised mostly of delicious little hot sauce packets I stole from food trucks) and had to take a minute to floss these gogs on my blog, ’cause they make me look dammmmmn smart (or something):

I nabbed 5 pairs from Nokia’s Lab near my hotel. Free Stuff Safety first. Always.


The people of Austin are a friendly bunch. Those balling conference / party / lounge / taco sponsors were pretty friendly too with all of dem dere open bar tabs.

Look at how well Slacktory Editor Nick Douglas made out on only $10 a day!

I spent about 100 dollars per day myself, but most of that was on hot dogs for the homeless people I mistakenly thought to be wireless hotspots… who could be paid in hot dogs.

by lulinternet

I met Nick after a panel last week (as in, I ran up to him, said hi, and ran away again like the nervous dork I become when interacting with people I perceive to be cooler than me), and that video above was produced by Camlin Productions — a production company co-founded by Matt, who filmed the stuff I did in Cannes last May. SMALL INTERNET!

Everybody good lives in New York, eh? Except for Kanye. Or maybe he does now, for to be closer to Blue Ivy and his Illuminati brethren?

Either way, this kid is totally illoomzed out and Kanye West rules eternal. Duh.

Happy St. Paddy’s day, by the way!

‘Tis a low-key one for this lass, I’m afraid. Still recovering from my adventures in Austin and, more crushingly, that 35 hour-long commute back to Canada.

Rocket Fuel

I’ll be regaling you with tales of the former all week long, so lets start with the latter while it’s fresh in my head / on my sweater.

Warning: this isn’t going to be pretty (But it’s kind of hilar. So deal.)

Spotted in Arkansas: El Chupacabra

Yesterday at this time, I was getting violently ill all over a parking lot in Kentucky as I ran towards the McDonalds bathroom.

Excuse me, Where is your washroom please?

Next to the window, but there’s a guy fixing the hand dryer in there right now…

I don’t care,” I shouted, running to the door, “I’m going to…

Too late.

The service man took one look at what was coming out of my face (nothing but a steady drizzle of bile and pepto bismol at that point) and peaced.


Minutes later, Casie tried to come in and check on me.

There’s a girl in there puking,” said the visibly annoyed worker. “She’s either pregnant or on Heroin.

Are those the only reasons for a woman to vomit in Kentucky? I don’t want to sound insensitive here, but maybe they don’t get car sick in Kentucky… or maybe I just look like a pregnant junkie.

Neither was the case — I was just car sick.

You see, at this point we’d already been travelling for nearly 24 hours.

Some of those hours were spent sleeping in a Starbucks parking lot, many were spent happily reminiscing as we drove through the sunny state of Texas, and at least one of those hours was spent running around an Atkanas highway…

The majority, however, were spent driving through Amurrica, jamming to good music and learning tons about our neighbours to the far south.

No less creepy on the way home.

I kind of neglected to remember (or, as a good writer would say, “forgot”) that driving in cars for prolonged periods of time is a bad look for me. Even in the Ford Focus, which is legit one of the smoothest cars I’ve ever ridden in, 26 hours of motion was just too much for my weak stomach.

Fortunately, Casie was cool enough to help me locate some American Gravol, real food and emergency bags. It wasn’t long before we made it back to our home and native land, nausea-free and sitting pretty.

Total time it took to cross the border = Approximately 2 minutes.

I’m home now and, while I would have loved to stay for more of the music festival, I’m bloody happy to be here in my own living room with nothing to do but chill today (let me pretend that laundry doesn’t exist for a minute, k?).

Thanks again to Ford for letting us borrow this amazing whip – she truly was a pleasure to drive.

Handles beautifully, great on gas, and very very smart with all of those iPhone syncing, dope Sirius satellite radio playing, voice-activated SYNC command center features.

Thanks also to the universe for delivering us back home in one piece. This road trip wasn’t easy, but what of great value ever is?

We fooking did it, guys. We drove to TEXAS and BACK despite all of the “You’re probably going to die”s and “Maybe you should just fly”s!

Victory = Blondetourage. SX3B did not end in death, dismemberment, or even a bloody roadside cat fight.

You mad? ;)

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SXSW Continued + Pi Day 2012

Blogggggg, is it weird that I miss you?

I’ve been so incredibly busy here in Austin that I’ve barely had time to text message my own motha, let alone write something substantial that I can be proud of — and y’all know I only post things to my blog that I can be proud of…

My goal of making a video for every day of SXSW was valiantly obliterated on day 3 of this trip, when I finally healed up enough to dive into the swing of things.

See Tweets for details.




To paraphrase Jesse Spanno, “THERE’S NO TIME! NO TIME, ZACH! NO TIME! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh”

Kate had the right idea. Don't take the bracelets off until the very end. Arm party!

Sure, I could probably have spent more time writing and editing videos during this trip, but hey – I’m on VACATION.

Truly, I am.

I’ve got hours of video footage from SXSW on my camera and will definitely do something with it when I return home, but it’s been nice over the past week to just kind of take it all in.

Video: @RichAucoin at #SXSW. It just hit me now that he does the @Picnicface theme song.

Mar 14, 2012 | Source:

The music portion of SXSW has been intensely fun — and I’m not just using that adjective because it sounds nice.

Imagine taking an entire year’s worth of concerts / smiles from cute boys and compressing it down into one hour. Multiply that by 24, every day. Intense.


The interactive conference, however, is where the heart of this trip lies.

I hit so many educational / career-related panels, but a lot of random eye opening sessions too.


I was actually pretty blown away by some of the cool / funny / freaky things I saw. Creeped out, too.

Bina48 the robot panelist on dreaming. #sxsw #ai

Mar 12, 2012 | Source:

When I get home, I’m going to break down my favourite bands and sessions – Misuse the Internet and Make People Love You will be up there as far as panels go — and as for bands, sheet… I really have to think about that. There were so many great ones.

My street style shots (yeah, I did that) and “what I wore” roundups are also on the way. I’m actually looking forward to writing those ones.


I snapped BOKILLIONS of fly young folks and even had my photo taken a few times back!

More on that later though…. I’ve got a 26 hour drive popping off in 2 hours and should probably sleep a bit ehhhhhh?

Happy Pi Day :)

I'll sell you my pumpkin pi for $3.14

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