Video: Unboxing the DELL XPS 13 Ultrabook

Beauty, isn’t she? Watch me geek out over my new machine (and even toss her around a little bit because, ya know, it weighs less than a kitten) here:

My fifth DELL, already! Can you believe how fast the time flies? This was two years ago. I graduated two years ago. Officially. Wow.

Ladies and goims, it appears to be one of those times again — those times of the year when my meatspace mailbox fills up with fun things to review at just a dizzying rate — so many things at once that I just kind of flounder around for a bit, unsure of what to do first, and then I blog about Internet culture and my clothes and weird things instead because, ya know. That’s what I blog about.

Don’t get it twisted though, I love to receive packages and am very grateful for the free stuff :)

The time period I’m referring to, of course, peaked about a month ago, but I’ve been so gash dang busy with work and life that I’ve had little time to do much product reviewage. Sorry PR companies. I suck at timeliness… and also at pretending to like things that I don’t like. (Note: Nobody sent me any Funcheez — I bought it at the grocery store a few weeks ago because OMG DINOSAUR-SHAPED CHEESE and it was so, so gross. That’s really the only thing I can think of that I actually hate right now.)

I’m sitting on a queue of maybe 8 packages at the moment and it’s driving me CAH-RAYZEE! The unopened boxes! The un-cracked books! The shoes that I just want to start wearing already, ahhh!!!

Note: I didn't get a pair of Gameboy shoes. I don't even think these actually exist.

I intend to “unbox” them all over the next 3 weeks – maybe not on camera. But some. A deadline, ha! BOX FREE IN ’93!

For real though, does anybody want to do that with me this summer? Hmmmmm?

Today, I’m talking about the DELL XPS 13 Ultrabook. I unboxed it a few weeks ago when I was home visiting the folks and, well, you can see that awkward little movie above.

As for the computer itself, it’s pretty dope for a PC. Pretty, powerful, fast… Beauty and brains. Is there anything finer?

I’ve been fixing to get my hands on an ultrabook for decades now (or however long it’s been since everybody when gangbusters over them at CES 2012).

Ultrabooks, if you aren’t up on that, are a new class of computer – thin and light like a netbook, but powerful and fast like a laptop, powered by an Intel processor and usually with a unibody chassis. Much like a MacBook Air… but not.

The coolest thing about an ultrabook is that most feature a solid state drive, similar to what’s found in your smartphone or tablet. This makes the Dell XPS 13 quick-booting with incredible battery life. And that i7 processor? Srs business. You can actually compute pretty hard with this puppy.


- 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2637M processor (1.70 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.80 GHz) – a super energy efficient chip
- 4 GB ram – great for a tab-hoarder like yours truly
- Runs Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
- Intel® HD Graphics 3000 video card
- Almost 9 hours of battery life on one charge, apparently
- Up to 256GB9 Solid State hard drive
- Machined aluminum in silver, Carbon fiber composite base, Magnesium palmrest with soft touch paint
- It starts at $999.99, the same entry-level price for Apple’s smaller 11-inch MacBook Air.

I’ll write more about the XPS 12 after I’ve had more of a chance to use it, but in the meantime Engadget’s got a nice, comprehensive review and you can always learn more on the product’s website.

I’m going to be using this as my primary computer for the next week. Follow my Tweets and the hashtag #XPS13 to find out how I, and others, dig it.

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The Super Bowl LOL-Vlog: Strawberry Footballs Forever

Oh, oh, what’s that? You want one? TOO BAD. They’re long gone…

I don’t know why I’m taunting you though — I would gladly have shared some with you at Seany’s superbowl party on Sunday had you been there. I’m just feeling cocky because I actually completed a (borderline) domestic project (sort of) successfully for once and that’s what cocky people do. They taunt and brag and kick ugly babies in the face. Jerks.

Here’s the video re-cap of my chocolate-melting, strawberry-dipping, miniature football decorating adventures — complete with special guest appearances by DAVID BECKHAM, GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIE and TOM BRADY himself!

Microwave cookery. It’s a good thing.

Thanks to *sigh* Pinterest for the inspiration :)

My version:

Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well YOUR FACE is ugly! HA!

Aw, who am I kidding… you’re beautiful. I’m just insecure about how much uglier my strawberries are than the mommy-blogger’s, and that’s what insecure people do. They tease and jab and kick ugly babies in the face. Jerks.

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The Pokemon Song LOLvlog and a Little Weekend Wrap

Have you ever wanted to be the very best? Like no one ever was?

Yeah, me too. I also get the Pokemon theme song stuck in my head at least twice a month, and figured it was high time to do something about it:

Don’t even try to front like you’ve never done the exact same thing. Maybe not into your webcam, but hey – few people are as willing to publicly ridicule themselves for the lulz as I. YOU’RE WELCOME / I’M SORRY.


Anyhoo, like I mention in the video, that was a straight-up procrastinatory exercise.

I’m in the middle of one of those super slammed periods of time where I stay up until 3:00am every night with work, work, life, work and social activities. I’m also trying to cut together a reel and redesign my portfolio ASAP because you never know when DONDA might come calling, right? ;)

Being that I don’t have time for a proper weekend wrap post, I’ll just share a few photos with you and say that it was dope. A busy, bouncy, blustery weekend.

I took my VIXIA riding on Sunday, so you can expect a snowy LOLvlog soon. Until then, there’s this:

36 seconds for one run, weeeee!

Okay, it was actually the base of a run that was maybe… 75 seconds. Blue Mountain was too far so we went to Moonstone instead. Meh.

Finally, here’s a little browser tab explosion for y’all:

- A day in the life of a social media rockstar, by Slacktory. I love this so hard.
- Art’s greatest moments, recreated avec Barbie. !!!
- This is how you die – A Tumblog.
- Awesome Whistler Film Festival spot. “Unexpected Stories”. Well done.
- Skullball Machine. So sick.
- Greatest licence plate ever, rigggght?
- Facebook’s entire TOS, in Bro-speak. Again, via Slacktory.
- Brampton has dirty Tweets.
- Starbucks is about to start selling da booze.
-Turn your TOOLBOX into a BOOMBOX!
- Gratuitous ACER. Bwahahaha:

C’est tou! Me out! Watch MTVCreeps, tonight at 9:30pm. I’m not on tonight’s episode, but I’ll be back in a few. Wa, ha, ha…

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