LauLau GoPro SnoBo and Net Neutrality in Canada


*clears throat*

IT’S SO COOOOOOLD IN THE T! HOW THE HECK DO WE ‘SPOSED TO KEEP (ourselves from turning into frozen) PEAS?

BAHHHHHHHHHHHH Go home, Polar Vortex. You’re drunk.


So, I’m cold. You’re cold. We’re all cold… and that was the extent of a faux forecast I performed at work today whilst messing around in the weather centre.

For the record, weathergirling is way, way, WAY harder than it looks.




Also harder than it looks is SNOWBOARDING, but if you’ve ever tried to snowboard you already know that.

I myself have been at it for six (relatively non-aggressive) seasons now, and it’s pretty much the only thing about post-Christmas winter I don’t absolutely hate.

Last week, I hit the WONDEROUS MOUNTAINOUS RANGES of Moonstone / St. Louis in… what, Barrie? Somewhere about an hour north of Toronto. Close, which is why we went there.




Big ups to the magic that is GoPro (and Sean, who wore said GoPro on his head) for this video I edited of myself doing pretty much nothing on my board. I went down a very small hill. That’s it. That’s all there is at Moonstone.




Steezy, brobro.

Eh, so in case you don’t remember, I host an online show at work called CBC Live Online.

Last night, we focused on Net Neutrality and had some brilliant guests.

I beckon you to watch the episode here if you’re at all interested in preserving the free and open web we’ve all been enjoying since the 90′s… and if you don’t want to see my geeky mug for the next 30 minutes, watch this instead. SHICK’S IMPORTANT, YO.




In other news this week, my friends and I scored third place in trivia at the Soho House (woohoo!)…




I got my hair did (THANKS ROSE!)




… and my wall has a brand new party sign (THANKS STEVIE!):




In other other news, Rob Ford got stuck in an elevator today and Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber something.



Oh, Canada…

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Waka Waka Waka…

Behold, the most-recently filmed-for-Youtube set of my bourgeoning local amateur standup comedy career!!!

Big ups to Saroox for filming that, and to all of the friends who’ve been coming out to see me joke. It’s the cats who make time to come out and support me who will get front row seats when I’m as famous as Louis C.K. hired to be Louis C.K.’s nanny for a few weeks and score some comps from my employer.

No but for real.


Sat, Aug 10:  Crown & Tiger on College, 8:30 p.m.

Mon, Aug 11:  Dawn Patrol, Comedy Bar

Tues, Aug 12:  Toronto Comedy Brawl Quarter-Finals, Johnny Jackson’s in Toronto

More to come from VELD, The Bridle Bash, The Grove Festival and more… busy summer, sheeeeeiiit.

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The Cautionary Tale of Ebeneezer Snoop + Internet Freedom and the WCIT

Happy holidizzle, y’all,

Has the onslaught of crappy branded advent calendars and Black Friday death videos in your Twitter feed got you feeling a little bit less than holly-jolly this pre-Christmas season?

Ebeneezer Snoop has a message for you within this 4 minute and 20 second long video (!) and it includes the sentence “Bah Humbizzle, I can’t wait for this season to be Feliz Navi-DONE,” so obviously I’m in deep romantical love with it (the first minute, anyway. I kind of scrubbed through the rest of it.)

I don’t even care that it’s an adiadas ad, guys — this is my new favourite Christmas movie EVER after Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Home Alone and that episode of the Simpsons where Bart and Homer get Santa’s little helper, which isn’t technically a christmas movie, but I like the Festivus episode of Seinfeld a whole lot too and that’s not a movie either so *LOGIC*

You are likely getting one of these from me this holiday season. You're welcome in advance, mom.

Adding to my love is the fact that the illustrated parts were done by J. J. Sedelmaier of Beavis and Butthead / SNL’s Ambiguously Gay Duo / Harvey Birdman fame. Respect.

Also, animated K-Pop girl group 2NE1 wearing Jeremy Scott (’cause apparently, they’re like his muses now or something. The circle of cool feels like a freaking washer lately, eh?)

Big ups to adidas and Sid Lee for this entire campaign. It’s awesome.

I’m not huge into the Facebook component, but it’s kind of cute that you can send your friends “un-scrooging” e-cards from the ghost of David Beckham.

Also cool to see that adidas has “Ebeneezer Snoop” running their Twitter account for the holiday season. I’ve been told about the #bahumbizzle hashtag multiple times already. It’s as if people can’t figure out where I got MY izzle from in the first place.


Integrated social media marketing campaigns usually make me roll my eyes and scoff and feel better about myself as someone who isn’t (that kind of) douchebag, but adidas is a goldenbrand. They can do no wrong. Plus, Snooooo-OOP!

Prophet like it's hot...

And while I’m on that adicolor tip, have you seen 2Chainz, the 8Bit video game? Now THAT’s effing clever (and pretty fun to play.)

This is starting to sound like a big freaking advertisement for adidas itself. It’s not. Frig, I wish I could get paid to blog about Snoop DOGG. Yeah that’s right, I went there.

Onto something smart AND important – also not rapper related – “A long-running, increasingly heated debate over who controls the global internet is coming to a head this week as officials meet in Dubai for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT).”

This is an important story to pay attention to, even if you don’t read the one that I wrote. But you should :)

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