Oh him? That’s my new boyfriend Bobak. You’ll hear more about him when I post our wedding video to YouTube in 2015, no worries.

But first, it’s a skirt! It’s shorts! NO! It’s a freaking SKORT! With cats on it!!!

Another find from some random shop in the Path (my underground lunchtime walking grounds when it’s too hot / cold / wet / tourist-filled to walk through downtown Toronto).

The lady that owns this shop is old and Chinese and very mean, but I think she’s got a few silent buyers kicking around somewhere — one, a girl my age with a penchant for trendy Australian brands and quirky Korean clothes, the other, my grandma.

I love the path as much as I hate the path these days. EB Games and Yogen Fruz break up the day nicely though. /Ramble

Meet my (and everybody else’s) new crush, Bobak Ferdowsi:

Cute, right? He’s also a jet propulsion laboratory engineer at NASA and part of the team that successfully landed space rover Curiosity on Mars early this morning.

About 40 zillion people watched Bobak and his blue-shirted brainiac brethren (/SISTREN) land the vessel in a 3-month-deep Martian crater after a harrowing 9-month-voyage via live stream.

National Geographic reports that this mission had been seven years in the making. The team was understandably stoked.

But Bobak stood out among the pack with his unconventional hairdo — which he changes up for each mission he’s a party of, according to The Associated Press.

This time around, he rocked mohawk with stars in it, prompting many a livestream watcher to swoon hard — so hard that homeboy has inspired a flood of “NASA MOHAWK GUY” memes, had multiple Tumblr accounts created in his honour, and gained about 20,000 Twitter followers within a span of 24 hours.

He’s the Ryan Gosling of space exploration, pretty much.

He’s equal parts brilliant and badass. Surely, he’s hilarious too and has great ink and loves animals and has a thing for blondes…

I can’t wait to see what our children look like.

Now, here’s a roundup of links that I’ve been tossing into a draft post for WEEKS. I’ve got to do this more regularly… every Friday, maybe, like I used to (for 3 weeks in a row, might I add.)

I had to nix about half of what I had here because two weeks is 4 years in Internet time:

- 26 Olympic athletes with the best names ever: Big ups to Canadians Victoria Poon, Karen Cockburn and Kelsey Titmarsh! And also James Honeybone, just because he’s dreamy.

- What Seinfeld would be like if it had aired in the internet era: “George accidentally forwards his new girlfriend an unflattering photo of his privates. ‘Do women know about JPG compression?!’”

- The scientific power of naps.

- I found a Tumblr called “Hipster Dream Date” recently with only got three entries. The writing is great. Looks promising.

- Baby names are somehow getting worse: Draven? Jerrika? Zaiden? Tyce?

- Could you imagine if the iPhone 5 looked like this?

- And speaking of iPhones, this case will turn yours into a MAHVUGGIN’ TASER.

- Jonah Lehrer broke my heart, and then he stomped on it, and then Jayson Blair was all like “hey, it’ll be okay man.” But it really won’t be.

- Never fall asleep near an NBA player (but do look at these pictures, because they’re awesome)

- Here’s a popcorn bucket that’s been made to look like a Zombie head. I don’t eat popcorn because I had braces for 4 and a half years and popcorn makes me think of pain. Still cool though.

- The Hologram Tupac Lives tee I’d totally rock, but only for 48 hours in April.

- This sick music video by Abev& Tell makes magic with 500 girls and one ipad.

- Gizmodo rounded up some ultra-lulzy-in-retrospect Tweets from 2006, when Myspace reigned supreme.
- Follow Monday @KimKierkegaardashian: The philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard mashed with the tweets and observations of Kim Kardashian.
- Have you ever wondered what type of person likes that band “Mumford & Sons?” Me either. This is pretty funny, all the same.
- Ryan Holiday, professional media troll writes a book. It looks fascinating, and I will probably read it.

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing Right (F***ING NOW) by this dude I just discovered name Chuck Wendig, who, as far as I can tell, is a good writer.

- Friends of certain age: New York Times columnist on why it’s hard to make friends as an adult.

- 56 Things MattStopera Learned At The Biggest Christian Music Festival In The World (Worth scrolling all the way through)

- How the Guy Fawkes mask became a symbol of Anonymous and OWS (V for Vendetta was on TV the other night.)

- Yo, Peep, Yo! The Birth of a Gender Neutral Pronoun: Super old (2008 styles) but great.

And awww don’t you just love these two?

Behind the scenes with Kitty Pryde and Danny Brown at their Mark McNairy Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook shoot:

C’EST TOUT! Back to the garden :)

Yeah that’s right. Crocs.

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