I make it rain SPARKLES, yo. Check out my crib:

Big ups to Guy Georgeson for featuring me in Coolest Thing in The House, a series that takes you into the homes of Torontonians and shines on spotlight on their interesting stuff.

I had a blast filming that episode and the finished product is just wicked. My little Groundskeeper Willie finally got his professional debut!

You can watch previous episodes of this delightful series on Blip.tv and on YouTube. There’s a new one every Wednesday.

Follow @coolestinghouse on Twitter. Fan them on Facebook. It’s a beautifully produced and fascinating show that I’m thrilled to have been part of.

I’ll bet you want a dinosaur now, eh?

You can buy one in New York this weekend if you’ve got the time to get there… and like, $1.5 million. No bigs.

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