What up, Bromies?

I be coming at you live from MIT today, like some sort of brilliant genius who invents solar powered trash compactors over breakfast. Which is a pistachio muffin dipped in black coffee, obvs.

I can’t get enough of this place or this conference. It breaks my heart to know that it’s almost over, but we’ve gotten so much accomplished in the past 24 hours that it’s nearly unbelievable — especially considering the fact that I spent all of last night getting sick in my hotel room.

I’m done with car travel, by the way. Never again.

I’m still sick, but there is no way in aich-ee-double hockey sticks that I’d miss ROFLcon.

I had too many interviews lined up! Too many people to meet! Too many thoughts from smarter minds than mine to collect and push out into the Twittersphere!


So here I am. Gravol and Motrin keeping this train on the tracks (ish). I can’t wait to watch my interviews back… I have a feeling they might be kind of wonky – but really, when you’re interviewing this guy how can they be anything but?

I also talked to Chuck Testa, Antoine Dodson, Scumbag Steve, Double Rainbow guy, Liam Kyle Sullivan, Tron Guy, Chris Torres (Nyan Cat’s creator) and some other colourful characters.
I’ll be rolling out the interviews this week once I get a few minutes to edit them. For now though, please enjoy these iPhone ROFLPICS!

We’re about to head into the very last panel of the day, “Defending the Internet.”

It’s going to be brilliant. I already know it. And my boycrush Alexis Ohanian is on it so… :)

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