Bonjeezy, friends!

For this edition of Would You Rock it Wednesday, I’ll be focusing exclusively on things that I’ve worn over the past couple of days because it’s myyyyy blog and Iiiiii can do that.

I can do whatever I wauwnt <- like spell 'want' this way.

Item 1: The vintage Barbie letterman jacket.

Please don’t mind the hat. I was wearing it ironically to mess with Sean. It worked.

You may remember this bad boy from a CosmoTV blog post I did about thrift store shopping this summer.

I don’t know if this can actually count as a letterman jacket because there aren’t any letters on it, but it’s in the style of one with those brushed leather sleeves and boiled wool body so I dared to go there anyway. I dared to call it what it may not technically be.

I’m feeling zany like that today. BRING IT, CORRECTORPUSS!

Item number 2: Skull & Crossbones sweater avec pearl(y) necklace.

Pairing this boy’s sweater ($4.99 on sale at the Joe Fresh in Chatham, Ontario thank you very much) with a crisp, white, increasingly mandatory button up wasn’t sufficient enough to make it work- appropriate. I still looked a bit hard.

Being that it still isn’t warm enough to soften up anything with a frothy feminine skirt, I tossed on some costume baubles and whipped my hair into a ballerina bun.

Mission accomplished? I’d like to think so. Not a single compliment on it in meatspace but the look got ones of likes on Instagram so, yeah. Next time I wear this I’ll carry around a Valencia filter and be the belle of the streetcar.

Item number 3: Light wing duck. (Let’s get dangerous.)

I can’t help but flap my arms up and down when I’m speed walking between places inside the Ceeb. The building I work in, if you’ve never seen it, is really, really big. It can take me 1000 full minutes to get from my station to to the caffeine distributor (not even exaggerating) so I’ve gots to get creative with the way I travel.



Tomorrow night, something actually befitting of a “fashion” tag goes down at the ROM: TFI25, A celebration to honour the 25th anniversary of the Toronto Fashion Incubator.

Because I’m on the social media committee for this event (committee! hehe, like highschool) I’ll be there with bells on. Fingers crossed bells are cool by tomorrow.

I’ll only be able to stop in for a few hours (We’re leaving for Boston very very early Friday morning) but I didn’t want to miss this event. I really admire the TFI gang and everything the institute does for Canadian fashion. You can learn more about their work here.

Most people will be wearing Canadian. Really fancy Canadian. I don’t think my little boy Joe Fresh skull sweater will cut it. Black tie optional can only be stretched so far.

I can’t wait to see who wins the Suzanne Rogers Award for Most Promising New Label (+ $25,000) tomorrow, but what’s got me most excited is the Barbie fashion show. Maybe I can wear the letterman jacket over my old prom dress?

Nizzle, ZONKING. Night night!

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