Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t use a cheat code and don’t you dare press pause. Not even when your mom calls you for dinner for the third time. Not even if you’re having tacos. NOT EVEN IF YOU’RE HAVING CHOCO TACOS.

Sometimes, it’ll get hard. You’ll face obstacles and challenges and stupid suns that swoop down from the sky and try to kill you sometimes. But you can’t turn back because you have no other choice unless you’re willing to die.

Go right, homie. Just keep on going right. Believe you me, all frustrations aside, when you finally get to your goal you’ll be sad the adventure is over.

Sorry. The music swell in that video got me all emotiony and metaphorizcal-like. That, and the many, many memories of pixelated death that came rushing back into my brain. Freaking Ghosts N Goblins. If you know anybody who’s actually beat that game, send them my way for a handshake and a chocolate taco.

WTH is a Chocotaco though, for real? I saw it when I Google Imagesed “funny taco.” It looks disgusting.

If your mother actually feeds you Chocotacos for dinner, call Children’s Aid. Unless, of course, you’re 35. If you’re 35 and your mother feeds you Chocotacos, HUG HER RIGHT NOW.

I wish my mom still made dinner for me. Is it so much to ask that she drives 4 hours to stir-fry my tofu? I’ve got to MICROWAVE it MYSELF… LIKE AN ANIMAL!

I’m calling Children’s Aid on myself.

Nizzle, OUT!

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