Backwards Bully

CHECK IT — After months of anticipation (and like, 4 days of me waiting to show off that shirt) Bully opens in select theatres today.

Surely, you’ve heard about this film already. It’s been getting an incredible amount of “influencer” support. Real influencers, as in people who actually influence things beyond which new shade of lipstain you’re going to try.

Oh, who am I kidding… I’d rock moss green lipstain if Diddy said it was cool.

I’m thisclose to soaking my hair in a vat of chlorine after seeing Nicki Minaj’s new video for Beez in the Trap (which, btw, was dropped approximately 42 minutes ago. I should give this post a breaking flag or something.)

Hot track, eh? Now back to Bully.

The film’s made some ink for the controversial R-rating it was slapped in the U.S. (later reduced to a PG-13.)

Weinstein vs. MPAA, blah blah blah. Papers love that stuff. In Canada it’s always been PG pretty much everywhere because we’re chill like that, us Canucks.

Let not the ratings controversy overshadow the purpose of this film though: to catalyze anti-bullying awareness.

I’m not going to preach about how important it is for everybody to see this film right now because a) I haven’t seen it yet and b) every third celebrity’s Twintern has already done that (see above).

What I will say is that this that I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Bully and think that the Bully project is a fantastic initiative. We had the Canadian premier here in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox earlier this week, but I was working and missed it. Fingers crossed I can catch it at Varcity before it’s gone!

The Bully Canada team sent me some nice promo materials in the mail anyway and, because my pajama drawer is already bursting with free oversized T-shirts, I’ve decided to give this one away. Answer this skill-testing question in the comments below to enter the draw: FRIG, WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST PLAY NICE?

If you were bullied as a kid for being “weird” or “ugly” or having “an annoying chipmunk voice”, for choosing the debate team over sports, drama over gym, computers over friends (LOOKATMENOW) please enjoy this video — and the successful professional life you are most certainly enjoying right about now.

Props, Felicia Day. I WANT YOUR LIFE.

Blogging of good videos, Coachella Killchella is one of the best things I’ve seen all week. I don’t know what it is about hipster bashing humour, but it gets me rolling on the floor laughing every time it’s done well (hyperbolic acronyms don’t really work in long form, do they?)

I see so much of my friends, my scene, myself in that. Maybe that’s why it’s funny. Caricatures of our silly selves. And now I want Ethiopian food.

Lastly, Drake dropped not one but TWO new videos today and the Internet didn’t even explode. Can you believe it?

“Take Care” co stars Rihanna and a whole bunch of cool looking slow motion animals. There’s also a ripped but spooky looking dude during that dope Pitbullesque breakdown near the end of the song.

Personally, I like the video for “HYFR” (which stands for H*ll yeah f***ing right, says the hip kids) much better. It centres around Drake’s “Re-Bar Mitzvah” and features lots of smiley dancing chair shots plus Weezy in a panda mask!

I bet Drake didn’t even have to pay Lil Wayne to perform at his Bar Mitzvah because they’re tight. *sigh* The good life.

If I ever get Bill Gates rich, I’ll hire Weezy, Drake and Tosh to come hang out with me for an afternoon. And Felicia Day, too. We’ll all make funny Youtube videos and drink lemonade on the balcony and watch Southpark. It will be grand :)

Speaking of which, Comedy Network has bestowed upon my blessed soul a Tosh.0 marathon today. The good life. For real.

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