More, more, fashion baby, dip your fringe into some gravy…

First though, you’ll need to pour white-coloured gravy into a bowl at the hotel breakfast buffet and top it off with some blueberries. How was I supposed to know that it wasn’t oatmeal? It looked like oatmeal and it was next to the other, slightly oatmealier oatmeal.

A lot of weird things happened when I was down in Austin. Many of them good weird (who’d have thought that blueberries and gravy would go so well together?). Some of them, CRAZY good weird.

Regard — this kid on The Cut — aka New York Magazine’s fashion section:

Okay, so my crotch is on The Cut. Whatever. That’s still cool. They posted my feet, too. PIGEON TOES!!!! Bonus points ARE MINE…


What follows is the rest of what I wore during SXSW 2012. You can buy much of it at West49 in Canada. For my American readers, check the Billabong, Element and Converse-selling stores in your city.


Day 1 or something…

Tank: Oracle Fox x Billabong
Sweater: Oracle Fox x Billabong
Jeans: Element
Shoes: Tooootally forget the brand. I got them at Little Burgundy.
Jacket: Ark & Co
Bag: Billabong

Day 2ish:

Dress: Element Eva Dress
Shoes: Aldo
Jacket: Ark & Co

Day 3 or so:

Shirt: Billabong
Skirt: Billabong
Necklace: H&M

Day 4 and a half:

Shirt: Billabong x Bob Marley
Shoes: Converse
Shorts: Winners, like 3 years ago.

Day 5:

Shirt: Billabong
Shorts: Billabong
Face: Billabong
Shoes: Converse Dainty

Not even a day:

Nerdspecs via Server Beach. SWAG. Literally.

To see more of what I wore and did, here are 368 of the iPhone photos I took at South By Southwest. Long live Flickr Pro.

Now, I must scramble off to get ready for A DATE. With my BOYFRIEND. We’re going to… *sigh* the movies.

Gahd, what am I? A yuppy? A “relationship person” who goes to the movies on a Friday night because she’s too tiiiired for a concert? A grown up?

Well yeah, pretty much.

Career woman, Look out world! I am Google Images female – hear me juggle!

Priorities. It’s a good thing.

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