Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up,

Imma let you finish reading my stream of post SXSW coverage, but first I’ve got to share this beautiful video my friends over at My City Lives produced (and by “beautiful video” I mean “beautiful video ABOUT ME“):

Thanks a zillion to Adil, Amira and the entire MCL team for this. I’m chuffed :)

Special props go to Kinga, who wrote this accompanying post that made me blusssssh… I think. I didn’t like, watch myself watch the video in a mirror or anything. How narcissistic do you think I am, Internet? Come on!

That’s just a robot cat. I don’t have a logical place for it, so. Here’s another one.

Back to My City Lives, which is a “digital media platform that geo-tags videos on an interactive map… taking users ‘one step beyond Streetview’ to experience places of interest, whether it’s a business or a public space, through company created and crowd sourced content”.

If you aren’t already familiar, get familiar for your own benefit. This video does a better job of explaining the service better than I ever could:

Wicked, right?

I’ve uploaded tons of videos already and plan on using their iPhone app to upload more in the future.

I love that I can vlog on the fly, geo-tagging my video as I upload it instantly like some sort of beautiful Foursquare / Youtube / Google Maps hybrid.

Ahhh, innovation.

The video with me in it above was shot months ago (hence the mittens) when I still worked in an office near Kensington.

In semi-related news, I started my NEW job today and at the risk of inadvertently disclosing something secret, I’ll simply say that I’m so happy.

Just to be there in the heart of the news world, doing what I love to do around so many smart, positive people … it’s gravy. I’m lucky.

Not going to lie though — I do kind of miss stomping around Kensington Market on my lunch break :)

Now, for some LOLinks!!!! INTERNETYEAHHHHHH!!!!

- Incredible Bebop and Rocksteady Cosplay (!!!)
- The Free Universal Construction Kit by F.A.T.
- Web based game of the day = Robot Wants Kitty
- New iPad screen under a microscope makes pretty much everything else in the world look like garbage.
- 5000 books jump out of a library in Spain and it looks beauuutiful
- If the entire world lived in one village: Infographic
- Track of the day = “Please no picturesMTV Buzzworthy
- SNP on the word “gal”
- Canada’s Internet Economy lags.
- Apps deserve better fonts
- Blogging from jail: A great read
- Is Montreal the new Brooklyn? fuckyeahquebec.com

Grimes plays the Horseshoe tonight. I might walk over if I’m not too wiped by that time. Who am I kidding? I already am. #BigGirlProblems

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