You’re going to think I’m a total hipster for this if you’re from the 905 and still associate dubstep and electro house music with hipsters (As far as I know, the spectacle monocle squad is into, like, Bonnie Bear type stuff or something) but OH MY GOD:

Did Steve Aoki, Diplo, A-trak, Rusko and Skrillex seriously get together on a freaking boat last monthish with thousands of fans and go to the Bahamas, raving all the way?

How did I not hear about this? I totally would have… inquired about booking the time off of work and, vacation days permitting, Google the price of last-minute flights to Ft. Lauderdale before sighing “Next year…”

I’ve lost my cool” is what I’d write here if I’d ever had any to begin with.

FRIG though! Just reading the post-coverage is making me jelly like a pile of grape-flavoured crystal light and meddled cow booooones.

Hardfest is doing it up again next January, but pre-booking is already sold out. What up, webmaster? Do you see my pingback? If you can get me onto this boat, I’ll bring you so much Maple Syrup… unless the border guards confiscate that shizz (and they will).

I don’t even need my own room. I’ll happily stay with Diplo :)

Tonight = CanLit 2012. Rumor has it that this is not a book party.

I’ve never been to the annual “Canadian Livers in Training” party before, primarily because it’s a South By Southwest pre-party and this will be my first year trekking down to Austin for the conference ( if you don’t know, now you know…)

Also, I’m not the biggest drinker.

Yeah – this hyper is natural. Let that sink in a bit while you pray to Satan that your children don’t turn out like me…


That was the most relevant image I could find by typing “Super Annoying Hyper Girl” into Google Images while Elliptical trainer iPhone blogging at the gym. Go easy.

See you tonight?

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