… or stay home and watch the Bachelor or whichever craptacular show it is that plays on your teevee that night. I wouldn’t know. The only television shows I watch are cartoons. And Gossip Girl. And Seinfeld reruns. And that one with the people from 30 Rock and Portlandia and Parks and Recreation on it…

Saturday Night Live, I think it’s called. Good show.

Okay, so I love TV very effing hard — you know this — which is why it’s significant that I’m encouraging you to get away from television’s warm glowing warming glow tomorrow night for this: (seriously though – Thursday night teevee is balls):

My buddy Eytan invited me to The BOOM Comedy’s first show at the Drake Underground last month (Chapter 43), which turned out to be standing-room-only-hecka-sold-out and very, very funny.

The entire time I found myself thinking “How have I not seen one of these shows yet?”. These cats are so witty. So legit.

I was going to review that show on my blog, but decided to wait a few days until this Rick & Chuck video (which had premiered that evening) dropped on Youtube. [Warning: Explicit content. The following video is probably not safe for work, kids, people who have ever been offended by anything Eminem has ever done, or people with a weak sense of humour in general. Also, My mom. There are swears in this video, and I know you don’t like swears Mommy.]

Expletive-laden or not, that’s some sharp writing right there. Great flow, too. I’m glad I got a chance to see them live before they’re too famous for Canada.

Blogger rule number 8: Never wait on an event post. If it’s not up within 24 hours, it will invariably get swept aside by a current of lulzy videos, super important news, and cat stuff.

Imma try my best though. Here are a few things I scribbled down during the last BOOM show. Notes! To remember what I wanted to write about later! Without context! Yeeeeey!

Worlds first rap battle = a part of our heritage hahaha, people think I eat too many chocolate bars, Armin Tamzarian, Simpsons is real life, 7up in french class…

Nothing much else is very comprehensible. I think these writers were born in the same year as me and grew up in roughly the same geographical region.

The shared cultural touchpoints are uncanny, which makes every joke SO MUCH FUNNIER.

I’ve got to go eat some lasagna and write about shoes now so, here’s a link to the event listing. March 1st, 8:00 p.m., The Drake Underground. See you there?


NO, Tickory. This is my lasagna. Mommy made it for me.

I made a press section for myself. Did you see?

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