Skully nails, rah!

Hey there, readerkin, ol’ buddy ol’ pal. I’ve got a question for you:

Ball so hard…

Hehehe. No but for real, riddle me this: Do you guys like it when I talk about all of the junk I get up to on my blog?

Like, when you read about my little adventures and experiences are you thinking “I AM SO ENTERTAINED RIGHT NOW!” or is it more like “Nooobody caaaaaares, you narcissistic twunt…”

I’m going to launch into a wee ramble interspliced with completely unrelated but highly enjoyable images right now. Feel free to skip ahead.

I’ve been looking at a ton of personal blogs lately (for design inspiration, you know) and I’ve discovered that there are a lot of whiny egomaniacs out there. Their websites look awesome, their outfits are cool, but jeeeeeepers crow does their content suck.

I surf the web to learn and find cool things, not to read about some trust funder’s gluten-free cupcakes or a mom in Idaho’s battle with IBS.

Is this just my own personal taste? Or does somebody other than jobless Jim the SEO wizard’s mom read his blog?

I can’t aspire to be like Gakwer or Cracked here – I am but one human. That said, there are relatively small staffed website likes Geekologie and Catsparella and Brand Flakes for Breakfast that deliver in spades. This is for a number of reasons, but to the best of my observations it’s predominantly because they’re themed and consistent and well written and interesting.

I can do well written, I can do interesting – I can even do consistent… if I have to.

What I’m really really lacking is a theme. A “beat”, so to speak. That’s what I want for this website in 2012. If I am to grow, I need a strong beat and it can’t be “Lauren O’Neil”. A little too niche, if you ask anyone other than my mother.

My problem is that I just want to write about evvvverything. I fall in love faster than a fruit fly. Wait – do fruit flies love? I know that they live very short lives, so I just assumed that if they were to fall in love, it’d be a relatively quick process…

Anyhoo, maybe that can be my theme. “STUFF I LOVE”. I’d need a really unique delivery approach though, to stand out from the others – like Hyperbole and a Half. I freaking love her stuff.

What do you guys think?

Here’s the weekend wrap:

The first thing you need to know about this weekend was that it was SOOOOO COLD. The second thing you need to know is that holy crap does it suck to go out in Toronto when it’s negative 1 trillion degrees outside.

We were supposed to meet up with some buddies at this trennndy new club on King West called Bloke & 4th on Saturday night, but got distraccccted on the way out and didn’t hit it until 12:11 am when guest list was already closed and the line up to get in was HYOOOOGE.

We left, obvs, because HELLO – I do NOT wait in lines.

I wish I could say that this is because I’m way too used to being ushered through back doors by club owners, entourage in tow, but this never happens because nobody believes me when I tell them that Justin Bieber is my brother. He isn’t, but that’s irrelevant. I’m a really good liar and thus should be rewarded with preferential treatment and gratuitous libations!!!

Sorry friends. As much as I would have loved to wait outside for 20 minutes to come in and meet you, I love keeping my toes on my feet more. Rendevous in t-minus 3 months, k?

The above image is my favourite result from a Google Images search for “hibernation”. Ha!

Post King-West icicle fest, We hopped into a cab and rolled by some of the usual haunts, many of which were surrounded by masochistic Torontonians waiting to get in. Then we decided to go check out some of those dive bars on Dundas West the kids rave aboot.

Here’s the thing about dive bars: they’re cheap, the’ve got great music, and that grungry atmosphere is even sort of charming when you’re in the mood for it.

They’re also rife with wasted hipsters. And not the good kind.

The yupsters stick to private parties and trendy joints that I don’t even know about, but the places we hit on Saturday were filled with a poor, young, very very dirty kind of hipster.

I’m fascinated by hipster culture — when I can’t smell it up close.

Sweet Jukebox at this one place, though. I had a good time hanging out with Seany pounding pops and counting beards.

Friday night I stayed in and went on a massssssive Internet bender. I kid you not, between my 2 computers I have over 40 Windows open – hundreds of tabs. I’m on the prowl for big things, and new ideas hit me faster than a fruit fly. Wait, do fruit flies have ideas?

Whatever. I RT’d Hipster Mermaid about a zillion times at one point:

I’m working on my standup act again. Need to set a date… Picard, Keith, FORCE ME INTO THIS!!!

On Sunday, I gymmed and went shopping but borrrrrriiiing right? NO, not boring because I went to Morba, which is the coolest store ever and always fun to visit even when I can’t buy anything:

I also hit some boutiques which was energizing and torturous at the same time. These shoes cost as much as one month’s rent (in downtown Toronto) and look like they’re made of beaver mohawks or something. Beavers have mohawks, you know.

Last night, the Golden Globes went down.


I flicked over to the Simpsons half way through because, well, Simpsons were on. Plus, aside from a few stab-a-betch worthy dresses on the red carpet and a shot of Steve Buscemi it was booooring. Oh, but this was good:

Links anybody?


This “smart window” from Samsung is the future. And the future is nifty!

BBC’s done a feature on Tavi as a 15-year-old editor-in-chief.

Microsoft wants to help you avoid the ghetto! Aw, thanks guys. That’s sweet.

Sh*t Nobody Says is funny. But these videos need to stop now, please.

The Joy Of Books was filmed in Toronto and I just found that out today. So proud.

I don’t know about you, but I hope I get a chance to run a marathon with zombies one day.

Want to look just like Drake? He’s a makeup tutorial for ya. Go nuts.

Here’s Hello Kitty as everyone.

Last but not least, social media explained in one image:

Bed time for this gally.

Sean and Willy are sleeping like logs and I’m a bit dozy myself. Plus, cuddling that little orange man while I watch the rest of Gossip Girl sounds 40x better than sitting alone at my computer right now. Righhhhht?

Dinner? YES!

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