Happy ho ho, homies!


That beautiful wreath is made from a collage of mammalian cell images by Donna Beer Stolz, a Pittsburgh-based biologist who placed in the 2011 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. It makes me feel like this:

Did you get everything your little heart desired this day of GREED? I did :)

All I wanted at all, all I NEEDED was for Mom and Dad and Brodie to like what I got them and they did. I loved the things they got me too. So it’s gravy. I feel like a lot of people are showing off their “hauls” on Youtube, but I don’t really feel right doing that… Christmas isn’t about presents. It shouldn’t be. It’s about enjoying the crisp weather and laughing at everything with my loved ones and comparing the size of my cat to the size of that turkey…

… and watching my parents try to figure out what the heck an Apple TV is. “Does I need to get an iApple for it?” asks mom.

Reddit got us all something pretty sweet today…

Buzzfeed made a compendium of 25 Youtube Comments that are actually hilarious. This made me laugh out loud at least 7 times (12, 14, 16, 21, bwahahaha):

A producer for this Toronto-based comedy show called “The El Em Eh Show” sent me a cute video yesterday and I’m posting it because both of those dudes are hot and it’s Christmas and hey, root root root for the home team.

Speaking of Teeyoh talent, The Weeknd dropped Echoes of Silence a few days ago. Merry Christmas to all of us. It’s so beautiful. Track 5 will be on repeat in my car all day tomorrow, believe that.

The Weeknd’s stuff hits me pretty hard when I listen to it. Maybe it’s all the intense dusky sounds, or the fact that I feel I can relate to his lyrics because we’re around some of the same scenes here in Toronto. I know those feelings, the darker sides of party life… He writes incredibly well. Whatever it is, it makes me feel.

I just saw this video for The Morning (off of House of Balloons) recently. It made me choke. It’s not new, but it’s… man. It’s good.

The Weeknd – The Morning (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

Speaking of videos, I have one heck of a Youtube joint coming along for you tomorrow!

Girl put in work, girl girl put in work…

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