LISTEN UP you hipster chavs!

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is coming back to Toronto this Friday night and IF you are reading this blog, you are invited. But keep that on the DL, k? We don’t want any lame-os or po-pos showing up.

As far as the authoritahs are concerned, on Friday night you will be attending a Health & Fitness Workshop for extraordinarily sexy looking youth. You must dress appropriately, à la:

Of course, this will be no Health & Fitness workshop. It will be Hardcore Underground REBEL Fokking BINGO and it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

It will be dirty, it will be sick, and you will definitely need to take a shower before meeting up with your granny / parole officer / wife the next morning. Regard:

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club from Rebel Bingo on Vimeo.

See that chick in the panda suit saying “I’m a ninja, I can do kicks! EIGHTY-SIX!” ??? That will be me – only more Canadian, less panda-like. Probably less clothes, too. You know how I do :)

Casie and I will be onstage all night long with our British buddy James Flames dancing and drawing and shouting up a storm.

All of the cool kids are coming and you should too. Nab a $5 ticket here before they’re all gone! You can buy them for thrice the scrilla at the door if it’s not sold out. But, if it’s even half as fun as last time was, it will be.

Now, please enjoy Junior Senior‘s “Move Your Feet” video by Shynola because it’s the best thing I’ve seen all week. All month, maybe.

I found this video called Rhythm Bandits (also by Junior Senior) on CrunchyFrog‘s Youtube channel, too. I don’t know who made it but if you do please hit me up because I’d like to hire them to produce my wedding video (pending that they’re still alive in 20 years?).


Love always…

Wait, what?

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