On the 5th day of LOLoween, my true love gave to me… FIIIIVE JUICY BRAIIIINS!!!

After Zombie Walking all day, I was craving a nice plate of frontal lobe. Unfortunately, The Fort York Fox doesn’t serve human organs.

image by casie stewart

I had some of Greg Couillard’s spicy Jamacain Up Jump Soup instead. It was, to paraphrase Mya, “like woah”. So good.

I videogged the zombie walk and interviewed a bunch of undead Torontonians. Care to see? SEE! SEE, with your white scleras you jerks…

Jokes on you - I’M actually the jerk because you don’t even see with your sclera. It’s your retina and optic nerve that do most of the heavy lifting there. I’m really interested in eyeballs lately. There will be another eyeball post this week, I can assure you.

Have you seen GagaWeen by the Hillywood Show yet? Tres hilar, despite the sometimes shoddy rhyming. I haven’t watched The Nightmare Before Christmas yet this season. Must remedy that on Sunday.

We out, we out.

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