They’re filling the streets of Toronto right now. Angry people, peaceful people, passionate people, confused people, bored people, Guy Fawkes-looking people, politically active pooches…

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As usual, our local media is just killing it in terms of real-time coverage right now. Top notch stuff, seriously. It’s getting hard to close my laptop…

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I’m not out there today because a) I’ve got too many other things to do today b) I’m still sick (fook this wish-washy weather!) and c) I’m not really clear as to why Toronto’s being “occupied”. More importantly, I don’t think a lot of the people who are participating know either.

I mean, I get it – corporate greed sucks and life is getting less and less affordable for those of us (those 99% of us) who aren’t on the right side of capitalism. I support the Occupy Wall Street movement, but St. James Park isn’t Wall Street. Heck, Bay Street isn’t even Wall Street.

That damn Canadian government, always keeping our voices silent! YEAH! SCREW YOU HARPER! ... can I put 'activist' in my Twitter bio now? (image via torontoist)

That said, the Tweets coming out of today’s rally are hilarious – especially juxtaposed against the #LGFW hashtag. I’ve got them side-by-side in my Tweetdeck and I much prefer the spicy Occupy Tweets to the inane ass-kissing. More about THAT on Monday :)

One movement I can gladly get behind is FAT’s occupy the internet – predominately because it includes an army of animated gifs.

They’re filling the comment section of that blog post right now. Angry gifs, passionate gifs, sexy dancing gifs, Frodo…

I don’t think it’s related to FAT’s .gif army, but there actually is an Occupy The Internet movement against a private domain-registering company that’s seeking “its own Internet Killswitch” or something. Cool?

I prefer this:

Biggest of ups to Evan Roth for this sick army. He spoke at the intensely futuristic / amazing conference I went to yesterday and really is everything i want to be (including the top search result for “Badass Motherfucker” – seriously.) Animated gifs are hot right now, says he. Hollah.

Enlist today, smitches!

Nizzzzzzle, out. Gime time.

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