A hoy hoy! LOOK AT MY PANTS:

Above the fold on my own blog’s street style section. Go me! Big presentation today and I wanted to look like a businessman. It was better with the coat… and that bun looked significantly more polished pre-run (did it? Maybe not.)

The glasses looked just as brillz though, Hot dang! Do I look like somebody who knows how to walk and chew gum at the same time when I wear my plastic specs or what?

Vuggin’ Emo.

Now, look at my shoes…

Lie. Those Street Fighter kicks aren’t actually mine, I just saw them on the Internet today and wish they were mine.

Now, look at some of these models I Twitpicced during the Lucien Matis S/S 2012 show last night…

To die for, friends – All of it, down to the talons!

There are more photos of that show floating about online – better photos than mine, obviously.

Go lust over the things I can’t afford and report back to me on how much they make you swoon, k? Princess Barbie-wear. Mmm…

Rogue Fashion Week has been tame for me this season in terms of go-go-go, show-show-show… chiefly because I’ve been hunkered down in the office day and night since Tuesday working on something big for work. Big girl work. Big girl job. Young woman, you’re not a girl at all. Peter Penny.

I was kind of sad that I had to skip Greta Constantine on Wednesday because blah blah blah deadlines but I did manage to sneak out around 10 for a few minutes of CFSW11 at the Drake. With a dead iPhone and a tapped-out brain, I was having an aight time at best which is RIDICULOUS considering the amount of greatness in that venue. So I bounced and zee’d.

I wasn’t invited to any other off-network fashion shows this week that I can recall (who am I, Cools McGee?). I Tweet-creeped today’s The ShOws shows (Thomas Tait and Calla Paris at the Ritz) a little bit though. Can’t wait to see more photos.

Now, please peep this amusing hyper-local cat story:

You see, earlier today a kitty halted streetcar traffic (and thus ALL road traffic) at one of downtown Toronto’s busiest intersections. I wasn’t around, but OpenFile did a great roundup of #catcrisis Tweets (most of which came from Norm Wilner. As Toronto’s Kloutiest cat fanatic (right?), I’d be remiss not to include this story on my blog today.

Glad you’re safe, little fellow! I would have rattled a pack of Temptations, Duh. Works every time. Right Willy?

Lastly, Hank Hill meets Dubstep, Trollface meets Pumpkin, Noel Kristi meets my FOOKING HEART.

Can I please retire and do what this girl does from now on? Like, if I can’t be Jenna Marbles or a lady-Bill Nye The Science Guy Girl?

Dear SNL: Hire homegirl now before I get rich enough from pumpkin-carving to buy my own movie studio and snipe her for life.


Conference thing tomorrow and much douchebaggery (Fashion Week) ahead. This weekend will be raucous too. Believe you me… watch out :)

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