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Guess what?

You can wipe the ketchup off my cardigan and call me Coco ROCHA homies, for BlogTO has officially deemed me (or rather, deemed what I wore to Diet Coke‘s Stay Extraordinarty party at the Hoxton) to be fashionablish:

When I saw that post this morning, it felt like Christmas. I don’t even care how un-cool that makes me seem. I’m not cool and I shan’t pretend to be just now, because I’m stylish on Toronto’s Internet and that makes me feel like this:

Okay, so it’s not like I was shot by Bill, Scott or Tommy (I think there was something going on in New York this week… They were probably busy) but this is the very first and likely last street style snap of me that will ever be published – so just let me have it okay?

A COMMENT! I don’t think that’s supposed to be a compliment, but I love it anyway. Thanks BlogTO :)

Truth be told, I was kind of confused about the reaction to my look that evening. I was feeling run down and exhausted from working all day/night/day/night so I didn’t get a new dress. I simply tossed my gross hair back into a bun, put the “old hollywood theme” top of mind and pulled some fur and lace from my closet. The red lipstick was an afterthought. I need to learn how to apply it properly, I think.

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Last year, Diet Coke gave me pink hair. This year, they gave me pearls, a photo flipbook and a solid performance by Estelle among other things.

A silver-sheathed hostess even offered me a pair of roll-up flats as I teetered out the door in painfully tall pumps. I didn’t accept, for I am a lady (who didn’t feel like carrying her shoes) but I’m sure many gals did! Very, very smart. I was impressed with that. With everything.

Earlier in the night, I considered skipping out on the affair altogether, but I knew that it would be a dope party (Diet Coke knows how to turn it out, for serious) and I could NOT back away from an invitation like this:

I’ll get a chance to sleep in a few weeks. It’s all good.

Sunday night, I wore a dress worth half my rent and narry a peep was made about it (WHATEVER, Hollywood).

Tuesday’s dress went over better. Alicia Silverstone said “you look greaaaat” and Juno Temple said that my legs were “phenomenal”. I’m not “Humblebragging“, by the way – just bragging. #ItsMyBloggyAndI’llWriteWhatIWantTo

Actors are like, really, really nice eh? I find that the super-famous are always so much kinder than the borderline famous or – worse – the “Canada Famous”. Here are interviews with Juno Temple and Emile Hirsch (full post here):

And heeeere, the Alicia Silverstone / Olivia Wilde interviews.

Check SheDoesTheCity or HipUrbanGirl‘s posts for more photos from the Diet Coke TIFF Party. You could cruise back through the party’s hashtag and have yourself some sort of post-mortem real time “not at the party but know all about the party” experience… actually, don’t. That would be kind of said. Just come to the next party.

Last but not least, this is how to produce Gucci, these cellphone covers are dope it is now FRIDAY, smitches! Have a good weekend. I’ll be working. BOM BOM…


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