What up, gyannnngstups?

Life. Is. CRAZY right now. My head was actually spinning this morning as I looked over my work schedule(s) during TIFF. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I still don’t really believe it…

That image doesn’t even make sense there. I just really like it.

All work stuff aside, some other crazy things happened today – like a JUSTIN BIEBER SIGHTING in my hood, and also AN EARTHQUAKE.

I was at the Gladstone Hotel on my lunch break when it happened (the quake, not the Biebs) and didn’t feel a thing. I did, however, check into the Earthquake on Foursquare (yeah, I did) and get myself another Super Duper Swarm badge. That was cool.

Remember last year’s earthquake? I was working in the newsroom then, and felt it like crazy. Read all aboot it here.

When I got home today, there were so many packages of candy waiting for me in the mail. Completely unexpected, but much appreciated. Thanks a mili, Maynards!

Obviously I started with the Swedish Berries. Please don’t tell my dentist :)

I just entered the ‘Make Your Face a Maynards‘ contest. Imagine EATING YOUR OWN FACE. That would be sweet. Literally! Bazinga:

In other news, last week I was a guest on my FAVOURITE PODCAST EVER again. It was the Vinyl Countdown’s 100th episode so I brought in a toy dinosaur that I found on the street, plus a banner from some variety store on Dundas.

I freaking love those guys… even when they show me hyper-disturbing Japanese reality TV shows (ESPECIALLY when they show me hyper-disturbing Japanese reality TV shows).

You can download that episode here, and look at the bazillion accompanying photos too.

Time for some linkfarmage, methinks. I had a lot of LOLs and “ooooh”s over the past couple of days – many of them late last night:

Last but not least, I can’t stop loving on this video. Have you got the moves like Jagger?

Frick yeah you do, baby :)

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