What uuuuuup?

Guess who’s going to bed by ELEVEN tonight? This kid. You know why? Because sleeplessness can make you ugly, sick, crazy and stoopid.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on fashion week coverage over the past couple of days. Five posts are now live on my CosmoTV blog, and one more (a video post) is on the way – plus an interview for veedubz! Took the city by storm, Fashion week did. The hashtag is STILL bumping.

Thanks for the photo, Rowenta!

It’s for occasions like this, when I really need to adhere to a strict blogging time limit but also want to post something fun and silleh and EXCLYOOSIVE, that I keep a folder of “unused-but-usable” video clips. Maybe one day I’ll string them all together and compose an alternate version of my life, a la Wake up, Ron Burgundy.

They can show it at my funeral, while my melted down vinyl body bumps out tunes like Run DMC’s “It’s like that” and Daft Punk’s “Around the World” and pretty much everything by Queen and the entire soundtrack to Les Miserables.

It’s going to be a sick party.

Anyhoo, I haven’t seen the following bit since August. It made me laugh a little bit when I watched it just now, and then it made me rage out with memories of my own incompetence, and then it made look forward to the summer because HEY, GUESS WHAT HAMMER OF STRENGTH? I’ve been training, and you’re frickin’ dead. The first part of that sentence is a lie. The second is not.

Yeah, yeah, I already know about the video matting and how crappy it looks and I don’t care, super keener. I did this one on my PC with Windows Live Movie Maker and… just shut up.

Finally, this is why cats are not doctors and THIS is why I must move to California, immediately:


I will gladly trade my first born child to anyone willing to build me a setup like that in Toronto… or rather, I would if I hadn’t already promised away my first 5 kids. You can have baby number six if I can afford to keep some surrogate pumping out my bartering tokens, kay?

Dope song in that vid, btw. Lights, by Ellie Goulding – The Bassnectar Remix. Love it.

Night night :)

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