You know I love Cyriak Harris, right?

He’s one of the coolest artists I’ve ever been lucky enough to stumble upon and the undisputed king of obscure animated gifs. Don’t you dare dispute this and make me have to remove the word “undisputed” from that sentence.

I will cut you. So deep.

Cyriak rules, we know this, but his new video “something” makes me feel really uncomfortable deep down in the base of my psyche.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m just as twisted as the next suburban millennial latchkey kid. I’ve had nightmares that make those weird spiraling mouth heads look like babies dressed in puppy suits (which I suppose is a little bit disturbing in and of itself, depending who you ask).

While I appreciate the artistry in this piece, as well as all the raw creativity that comes squealing out of Cyriak’s head on the regular (homeboy is a GENIUS in every sense of the word), you’d best believe something is going to be giving me the heeby jeebies all day long.

I haven’t felt this disturbed since… well, I was going to say since I saw a bunch of clips from Human Centipede but this doesn’t even touch that experience.

I remember walking around Honest Ed’s that afternoon just nauseated as all hell, terrified that every other person would kidnap me, hobble my kneecaps, chain me up in a basement and… well, you know… *shudder*

I won’t link my blog to any piece of media from that film, but I WILL show you human SANTApede because that’s hilarious (and timely! 3 days to go…)

I’m feeling sick again. Nothing freaks me out like mad scientists. Mad, demented GERMAN scientists with a fetish for bizarre surgical procedures and… ick. ick ick ick.

Time to bury myself in work and forget about everything I’ve just seen inside my head.

So much going on in life and at work that I don’t even know where to begin telling you about it all, so I’ll keep posting random things like this all week. See Tweet feed for more information.

I met Ron Artest on Saturday, did you see?

More on that in the weekly wrapup post Saturday-ish.

Love Always,


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