It’s Saturday today! No school, No work, all fun! WOAH!

Today in Nizzlety news…

Abigail Keeso interviewed me for her Raddest Dude of the week series.

You can read the entire thing here if you promise not to judge me for dissing cheap Jesus Freaks or showing my grandparents a nipple (it was an accident.)

I obviously love this interview because

a) It’s all about ME
b) It’s hilarious.

Abigial has got blogging chops for days, and I’m not just saying that because she’s designated me as rad. It’s true.

She’s funny, smart and knows how to punctuate posts with imagery for comedic effect – a style I dig quite hard if you hadn’t noticed.


I don’t say this type of thing about other writers (specifically bloggers) often, for I am discerning. In short, I think you’re rad too Keeso.

Want to find out what I deemed as the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread? Y’all are just going to have to read the interview to find out.

The greatesting thing SINCE sliced bread is undoubtedly my new umbrella:

I bought it in Little Korea the other day at a convenience store for $7.99.

There were pigs, cows, bees, frogs, and weird happy face things with ears. I had to unwrap and open them all individually to find out what the heckk they were.

I ended up going with the donkey for obvious reasons.

I think these umbrellas are meant for children. I don’t care. They make people smile when I walk by, and everybody could use a little bit of extra cheer on a rainy day, right?

Lauren O’Nizzle. Bringer of cheer since 1985. Thank me later betches :)

Last but not least, my family photo went live on Free Crappy Portraits yesterday – Talk about CHEER! I love this so much. Thanks again FCP :)

Today, I’m heading to the Build-a-Bear Workshop at Square One to make a video and BUILD SOME BEARS! I can’t wait. You’ll hear a lot more about this later in the week when I give one of said bears away on my blog…

Any requests?

<3 Always,


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