It`s a sunny fall day and the ground is dry, save for a bit of moisture trapped by the blanket of dead leaves all over my lawn.

I`m about to go for a run when a package arrives in the mail. A BIG one, and it`s filled with BOOTS. BOOTS FOR ME! Rain boots and winter boots by Cougar, to be more specific.

They are cute. as. sin.

So here`s the sitch: I want to wear these right now (One on each foot maybe… Why not? #trendstarter) but it’s a freaking gorgeous day outside.

Am I expected to wait until it rains to test out my cute new galoshes? (My dad corrected me when I called them short wellies. Apparently, a Galosh is a thing. A Duckshoe, too.)

Can I really restrain myself from rocking these sick furry boots until (*groan*) the white stuff falls and I have to start shelling out for snow removal again?


I`ve never been the type to wait until after church to start playing with my Christmas toys. If Jesus is as cool as the priest says he is, he would WANT me to play with pet vet Barbie in Church. Nobody wants their own birthday party to be a bore, riiiight?

Sometimes, you have to be creative to get what you want.

I wanted to rock rain boots on a sunny day so I DID IT. I wanted to rock winter boots in the fall so I DID THAT TOO. I wanted to make a webcam video of my grandma and her friend rocking out to the Black Eyed Peas so… well, I didn’t do that, but SOMEBODY DID (and it’s awesome):

But that is neither here nor there.

Behold, my creative experiment:

Leaf Stomping Effectiveness: Rain boots vs. Winter boots

Research Question: Will Cougar’s Tibet (rain) boots provide a more satisfying CRUNCH on the leaves in my backyard than Cougar’s (winter) Ravishing boots?

Hypothesis: The winter boots will prevail. Just look at those treads…

TEST 1: The Tibets (Retail $ 75 Cdn).

Cute, comfy and match my red raincoat quite nicely. The little sockie-tops are precious – especially when I’m posing like a dooosh for my mom on the back deck.

I would rock these any dang day of the week, rain or shine, and probably will.

But how do they stomp?

Not bad, not bad…

TEST 2: The Ravishings (Retail $ 170 Cdn)

Nice warm boots with SUPER soft fuzz around the top. They’re warm, indeed (Rated -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F, says the tag) and quite comfortable too.

Aside from the lame name (Ravishing? Seriously?) there’s not much about these winter boots I don’t like. Plus, They match my sweet PONCHO (vintage! It was my mommy’s back in the day) and I love that:

Aesthetically, the rain boots win (they’re just SO cute) but something tells me these snow boots can crush a good leaf…

Indeeeeed they can!

Analysis: While both boots are good candidates for leaf crushery, neither pair stood out as particularly amazing.

This may be due to the fact that our test leaves were not entirely dry.

I should have put in a variables section…

Meh. Who am I kidding? This was never about leaves.

Result: The winter boots win, but only by a hair. The fact that they match my winter coat definitely edged them ahead in the race, as I am partial to experimenter’s bias.

Bias is also why the brown mouse in my Seventh Grade science fair project gained the most weight. I fed him more corn than they other mice because I wanted my hypothesis to be right. #deepdarksecrets

If Mr. Blaine is reading this, I’m totally going to get my participation ribbon stripped. Nobody forward this to my elementary school principal, k?

Conclusion: There is no better way to warm up after a leaf-stomping expedition than by curling up next to the fireplace in a Cougar sweatshirt with a Cougar mug filled with Cougar hot chocolate…

And a cougar…

And a cougar…


<3 Poncho’Nizzle

Get it?

*** Big ups to Matchstick for send these my way :) ***

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