I don’t know how I didn’t happen to stumble upon Brian Solis‘s Conversation Prism sooner – especially since a lot of my academic work over the past three years has revolved around the role of new media in modern communicatory practices and the formation and impact of the digital divide on contemporary societies and stuff. *BIG BREATH*

Anyways, it’s awesome and I love it -especially version 1.0. I’m old-school like that, and also just a little bit stupid – so I appreciate the simplicity.

Now watch this video:

Today’s lesson = complete. (And you didn’t even need to go to a fancy Ontario private school to get it. Long live the interwebs!)

Now, I must go to Toronto. But first, shower. I already took one today, but I worry that the smell of onions, patchouli and flithy jockstrap emanating from the scruffy man beside me in yoga this morning was contagious. I can feel it in my hair.

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