Ya good? Good.

Me? I’m freezing. Feeling like Lloyd and Harry when they rode the moped to Aspen:


I effing hate January. What’s good about January? NOTHIN’, I tells ya. But, sticking with my new years resolutions, I’m going to be positive in 2010 – so I shan’t bitch about the winter weather again… But like, seriously – I had to scrape ice from my car FOUR TIMES yesterday. FOUR! Global warming my Eh-Ess-Ess! Tell the poor lizards falling out of trees in Florida about global warming. See what they have to say about it. Ohhh wait… you can’t! BECAUSE THEY’RE FROZEN.

K, I’m done now. No more whining.

It’s been a super busy day at the station! I got to go out with a camera person on my own and film a story about this new problem drinking awareness web application called “Check Your Drinking” at Western today.

This involved ambushing kids on campus, shoving a mic & camera in their faces, and persuading them to talk to me about their alcohol use (and abuse). Fortunately, I have a little bit of experience doing this sort of thing…


When I came back to the station, I got to isolate the clips and write the script and help edit the piece together – sort of like a producer! Except I’m not a producer… I’m an intern :( Anyways, look for my hands again tonight on the 6:00pm news. I’m going to have to get a manicure if I intend to keep this up, ’cause my busted sparkly silver polish does not look pretty on camera.

In other life-happenings, I decided to check out the Geek Dinner in London last night on my way home from work. I was a bit scurred at first. It’s always intimidating to just jump into a new scene when you’re flying solo – but, true to my new years resolutions, I’m keeping up with the “don’t be scurred, try new things” act, and it went really well! I wasn’t the only girl there, and I wasn’t laughed out of the building as soon as I opened my big blonde mouth. About 30 people (maybe more?) showed up in total, and while I didn’t get a chance to speak with everyone, the guys and girls I did talk to were super nice and way cool. One guy even let me hold his brand new bundle of joy. You know what they say about that new-toy smell… it just makes you want a little precious of your own. And how I do… oh, how I do…

It was much tinier than I had expected, but every bit as lovely.

Anyways, I’m officially past the clock now and I’m pretty dang hungry so I think I’ll go home and eat a whole feck-load of no-chicken-noodle soup with grilled Cheeeez.
Despite the abundance of free donuts lying around the station today, I’ve been so busy working away that I’ve barely had a chance to snack, and this is NOT good for my new years resolution to gain ten pounds.

*sigh* Until I’m able to start shoving more protein down my gullet, I’ll be rocking some booty pop panties:

I think I’d look fly as fizz with a big ol’ booty poppin out my jeans… I just know myself too well to ever actually buy that product. The second I got a little bit hyper, you know I’d be ripping off my pants to show everybody how cool my booty-pop panties are, pulling up the vid. on youtube all like “I’M SO COOL I HAVE THAT, LOOK, SEE? LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT HOW COOL I AM!!!”

I have no shame when it comes to things like that. I just can’t pass up an opportunity to be hilarious – even when it makes me look ridonkulous.

Nizzle, OUT!

P.S. – Go set up a formspring.me account – it’s the new big thing. The sociopathic crack-cocaine of oversharing, if you will. I’m loving it already :)

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