So you found my blog, ehhhh? You go Glen Coco!

Hi! I’m Lauren O’Nizzle – a 20-something university student new grad and aspiring international super-ninja living in Toronto.

I’m also a, multimedia journalist, daily life blogger, video host, smart alec hyperkid and friendly blonde nerd girl who likes to invent words and use lots and lots of adjectives in run-on sentences like this one.

I blog every single day – mostly about the random (mis)adventures of a n00b reporter / small town kid trying to make it in the big city.

Sometimes I write about awesome parties and events. Sometimes I write about gadgets and fashion. Sometimes, I write about animals being cute.

Okay… a lot of times.

I like to say that was created to house my digital portfolio and blog, but the truth is, I just wanted some webspace so that I could aggregate and spew random hilarity all over teh interwebz.

I’ve since discovered that twitter, tumblr and delicious can satisfy my inexplicable need to share every single thing that makes me chuckle with the entire world.

Thus, exists… for the sole purpose of housing my portfolio and blog.

So, what the heck is your deal?

I dunno, ask YOUR MOTHER.


I’m still trying to figure that out myself…

Right now, I’ve got 3 jobs if you count my blog – and I do, because it sounds hardcore when I say “I have three jobs“, right?

My 9-5 is spent downtown in the editorial department of the Canadian arm of a juggernaut web corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley. I’m a community manager and blogger for some sweet brands on the side, and I freelance as a video girl on the regular (Not that kind of video girl).

I’ve been doing a bit of social media consulting and instructing lately, too. This fall, I’m at a local college one night per week teaching internet ninja skills to journalism students.

The end goal for my career? No idea. I suppose only time will tell where I end up.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. A nurse? A teacher? A scientist?

Little Lauren: “A kitty.”

Teacher:*patronizing laughter* Sweetie, you can’t be a kitty. Cats are animals and you’re not an animal.”

LL: “Oh. Are dinosaurs animals?”

T: “Well yes, I suppose so…”

LL: “Then I want to be a robot.”

T: “You need to pick something that a human does, Lauren.”

LL: “Oh. Okay. I want to be a garbage man!”

T: “A… garbage man?”

LL: “Yup. When I grow up, I’m going to be a garbage man.”

For months after that conversation, I would to rush to the front of my house in the morning when I heard the garbage truck coming down the street. The kids at the bus stop teased me about my lofty career aspirations (they also made fun of my pink toque with the pom-pom on top) but I didn’t care – I was going to be the best dang Garbage man my hometown had ever seen.

When I finally realized that garbage-mannery involves more than riding on the back of a truck wearing fluorescent suspenders, I decided to pursue a career in the media just like Channel 6 Ace Reporter April O’Neil and I’ve never looked back. (Though I must admit that I would happily abandon all other career aspirations to pursue my life-long goal of becoming a fly girl on In Living Colour)

A few months ago, I finished up my masters degree in journalism (myaawwww *smug douchebaggy head toss*) and moved from London to Toronto. Since then, I’ve been working my tail off as a cub reporter (summer intern) at The Toronto Star while blogging, producing web videos and doing social media stuff for companies like MuchMusic and vitaminwater.

I’ve also been going to maddd concerts & events, blowing my paycheques on overpriced coffee drinks and shopping way too much. Don’t judge.

I live to be creative and I love tell stories – be that through writing, video, live performance, interactive multimedia websites or… ya know, speaking. I dig it all.

Lisa Simpson is my number one homegirl and she’s not even a real person. I’m a loser like that, so be my friend okay?

I spend more money at Starbucks than at the grocery store, Buzzfeed is my homepage, and ‘brb’ is part of my everyday lexicon.

I suppose you could say that I’m a bit of an internet evangelist, as I have an almost religious devotion to digital technology and the wonders of the world wide web. That’s not to say that I don’t love other communicative mediums, of course – I’ll always carry business cards.)

I’m also into health & fitness, hanging out in coffee shops, perving over beautiful clothes that I can’t afford, acting & dancing (I was a stage baby, what can I say?), reading fashion magazines, reading really good books, comedic television programs, collecting hair products that I don’t need, eating cute vegetables and breakfast cereals designed for children bright colours, etymology, yoga, rollerblading, travel, cartoons, snowboarding, kittehs (especially MY kitteh Tickory), drawing, my blackberry and making fun of peoples’ moms.

In a nutshell, I’m just another one of those ultra-sarcastic, chronically multitasking, conspicuous consuming, attention seeking millennial robo-kids.

I’d write more about who I am and what activities, television programs, animals, music and obscure indie films I’m into (hint: I hate obscure indie films), but I am le tired and you probably just want me to STFU already.

If you’re really dying to know something specific, you can always email me and if your query is not creepy (ie; ‘mMmm,,,Iz UR PusSIe WeT GuRrrrrL?’) or stupid (ie;’what’s your credit card number hun?! LOL! Just curious!’) I’ll be happy to reply!

Formspring is kind of cool for that too, eh?


<3 L


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