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E-bikes, World Pride and CANADA DAY!!!


Good sunny Saturday afternoon, durrlings!

I’m blogging from Steve’s house today — his Mac is like, good. Better than the one that I spilled gingerale all over at home (wahhhh.) Yeah, word to the wise: Don’t drink from a 2-litre of pop whilst cruising Tumblr on your MBP. Now I’m back to the Dell for a bit… until I can either purchase a new Macbook or (the more likely option) bring mine somewhere to get the water damage fixed.

Anyhoo, this past week was a glorious one, filled with colour and happiness and ELECTRIC SCOOTER BIKES. For posterity’s sake (as in for the purpose of showing my kids how cool the 2010′s were when I’m like, 50) I’ve decided to Storify some of the highlights from World Pride 2014, Canada Day 2014, and that one time I rented an e-bike with my boyfriend 2014. Also, here’s a gratuitous shot of me and Steven’s cat, Wiz Katlifah:






C’est tout! Today, I’m off to a BBQ in a Bob Marley shirt from Billabong. GO SUMMER GO!



Love always,

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How to win Twitter, with Lauren O’Nizzle (via She Does the City) + Business Insider’s top 100 women in tech on Twitter




Hola you fancy betches, you!

Last week, the fine women at shedoesthecity.com picked my brain on all things Twitter, social media, and work-life-creeper balance.

I had a blast answering their delightfully relevant questions — sheet, it was a bit like therapy for me. I’ve been needing to get some of those thoughts out for a while, I reckon.

Anyhoo, wanted to share the piece with you. That’s all. You can read the full guyguy here.





My favourite part of that whole shebang was coming up with 5 “social media commandments” hehe.

They are as follows, in case you’re too busy to read the original article or something DAD.

*clears throat*


1. Thou shalt not beg for RTs

2. Thou shalt not use outdated hashtags like #TeamFollowBack or #Blessed (unless done ironically)

3. Thou shalt not Instagram too many pointless photos of one’s face in a row (at least PRETEND to be showing off your new sunglasses or something)

4. Thou shalt not swear publicly or act skanky online (if one plans on working with any brands or future employers ever)

5. Thou shalt never click “like” on a Facebook photo from 3 years ago whilst creeping another person’s profile pics. (This is thirsty behaviour.)


C’est tout! Lots to tell you about, dear diary, but I’m on an elliptical trainer right now and this be (moderately) sweaty work.

As per yooj, y’all can check out my IG for what’s up in Lauren land should you be so interested.




OH! And just a wee brag before I go — Business Insider named me one of the 100 most influential tech women on Twitter last week! I know, right? I was floored. Thanks so much, BI! I am still like woah.



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