For fashion’s sake: That one time I played a stylish 60′s housewife


How do you do, homies?

I’ve got some sweet fots to show off today, courtesy of one very talented crew of ladies brought together by stylist Melissa Marchand.

I’ve not got much to say other than a) that was a very fun day b) I totally want to start dressing like Betty Draper and c) I really suck at washing floors — though to be fair, that one tiny spot I scrubbed on Kaylee‘s floor got pretty dang clean… so maybe I’ve got a future in custodial work… or housewivery? Nah.


Big ups to Raelene Giffin for the amazing photography and Lisa Marsz for doing THIS with her magical makeup skills:


You can check out all of the photos from the set in the gallery below, and outtakes from the shoot on my Instagram feed.


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LauLau and the Inner Lip Tattoo: LOL in my mouth



Guys guys guys guys guys I have some news!

It’s BIG NEWS if you are actually physically me, but not so much if you aren’t… DEFINITELY BIG if you are though, and I am! SO CHECK IT OUT:

I got my first tattoo last night.

No seriously, I did! Right inside my lower lip. It says “LOL” (like ma blog, get it?) which has multiple meanings for me, but those are long stories and I’ve got some GIRLS to watch / laundry to fold so I’ll just shup and get to the good stuff.

Regard, here I am getting poked for the very first time (bwaha):


Being that today is April the first, some of you may think this is a joke.

Rest assured, it is not — and I have the permanent LOL inside my mouth to prove it.

I’ve taken more untweeted selfies in the past 24 hours than ever before in my life, probably. You see, I still have the break the news to my Mom. Hi mom… hehe… Sorry?




Speaking of April DROOLZ, however, I did (sort of) manage to pull a pretty sick prank on Annettski this year.

Knowing that I was going in for this LOL tat, I planned an elaborate rouse to fool my mom (and I guess whoever else follows me on Twitter) into thinking that I was getting a big ol’ tattoo of something stupid on my arm.

Later that evening I checked into Yonge Street Tattoo on Foursquare, took a few more selfies, and even Tweeted out some of my potential “options” — all of which (with the exclusion of Rob Ford) I’d actually probably consider getting if I actually got body tattoos. Which I don’t.





Later that night, I Tweeted, Facebooked and Instagrammed this (photoshopped to perfection by my hot boyfriend):


As it turns out, mom was already asleep. I woke her up with a phone call at midnight because I simply couldn’t wait for her reaction, which after I made her go downstairs to look at the computer was something like “Come on Lauren… April Fools right? Ha ha ha. Good one.”

Whatever. At least I fooled some Facebook friends?


Back to the inner lip tattoo.

Since I posted the video above to Instagram and FB, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it.

I shall now walk you through the process of getting an innner lip tattoo and attempt to answer the most obvious of them: Did it hurt? (not really) Was it expensive? (meh) Why did you do this? (because I’ve wanted to for years… ever since I discovered that inner lip tattoos exist on the Internet. Also, I’M 28 YEARS OLD AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT TO.)





I’ll start out by saying that the people at Yonge St. Tattoos are just amazing — so professional and kind and thorough in explaining exactly what was going to happen and what I need to do to care for this puppy (nothing much, really — it hasn’t even bothered me once since I got it done.)

I was able to select my own font (Arial Black, natch) and see it stenciled onto my mouth before anything was permanent, which I really appreciated. Note to those who are interested — I can do a full, hard pout without a single drop of ink showing. I need to physically pull my lip down in order to floss this guy around. I like that.




So yeah, the lip en-tattening process begins (after the artist preps his sterile gear) with a drying out of the mouth. He used some gauze to suck up my spittle (schloooop!) and then had me hold my mouth open for a few. NBD.

unnamed (9)



Then, you get bibbed (in case of ink spillage):


unnamed (5)


When the artist goes to work, the entire process takes less than a minute for 3 letters, I swear — and like I said, it barely even hurt.

Okay… it hurt a little bit, but only for a few seconds. I had braces for 4 and a half years. I can handle a couple of bee stings in the lip.


unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)


Afterwards, I got cleaned up (the stencil leaves a bit of purple ink inside your mouth, hehe) and headed out to show off my new TAT to everyone around (so, basically to my boyfriend again and again and again.)

A lot of artists will advice against this particular tattoo because it does rub off after 1-5 years or so, but if like me you’re terrified of permanence it’s really rather perfect.



C’est tout! Au revoir! If you have any more specific questions (OR RAVING ACCOLADES), feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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Shiver While You Werq: Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2014


Ahhhh lousy Smarch weather… There’s nothing like the sweet sting of sleet slamming against your bare legs whilst teetering around in open-toed sandals at a springtime fashion week in CANADA.


As you can see from the image above, I didn’t actually get a chance to rock bare anything (pantyhose, yo) to the Fall/Winter WMCFW shows this year.

Thank da lort for layers, hats, fur and the “WHATEVER I DON’T CARE IT’S COLD OUTSIDE” fashtittude winter 2013-2014 has provided me.

Not an open-toe to be found on this kid, no siree Bob. Just hats. Lots and lots of hats. Big ups to @thesidewalker and every other street styler who snapped that pom pom cap by TopShop as I ran into the tents on Thursday.

Who woulda thunk my cheapest item would cause the most fuss? SOMEONE COOL, that’s who. Maybe you.


Anyhoo, enough about MEEEEE, let’s talk some FASHUN yeah?

I wasn’t able to get to as many shows this season as I would have liked to, due to my work and vacay schedule (detroit was sick though and FRIG I already said I’d stop talking about myself. Sorry.)

That said, the ones I saw were pretty dope.

Line Knitwear‘s F/W 2014 collection was the best I’ve seen from them, ever. The best. I can’t even tell you how much I adore some bright pops of colour in the sea of black coats that ensconce the people of this city each winter. Also, Coco Rocha was there.

I really enjoyed the Pink Tartan, G-sus Jeans and Mercedes Benz Start Up shows, but Triarchy‘s jaunty equestrian show — complete with real-life mean girls (okay, they actually looked like really nice girls) and TOP HATS GALORE — was one of my favourites to watch.


I’m on a freaking train right now en route to London, Ontario (speaking at Western – cray, non?) so I’m going to simply embed a Storify below (surpriiiiise, surprise!) and let y’all relive my fashion week experience in delayed real time, if you choose to do so.

Wait, one more pic here, because it’s my favourite — Me and my bestie, seated together because the PR cats know what’s up. Thanks again, people who invite me to fashion shows. You know I love you :)

Image by Steven Stinson

Image by Steven Stinson


Go go gadget, Storify…

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